Learn to Program Using the Latest Cryptocurrency Data

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Announcing the Predict Crypto Tutorials

Our tutorials teach you how to program in R using cryptocurrency data from the last 7 days, where the data is never outdated by more than one hour. Try for yourself! Any time and always free:  https://www.predictcrypto.com/tutorials 

The R Basics tutorial is ready to be used and available here:  https://predictcrypto.shinyapps.io/R_Basics/ 

The most interesting section of the tutorial for visualization is found here:  https://predictcrypto.shinyapps.io/R_Basics/#section-visualization 

You can find our second tutorial here:  https://predictcrypto.shinyapps.io/TidyverseTutorial/ 

The Tidyverse Tutorial will have some sections added to it in the future.

We would appreciate any feedback you have around your experience using our tutorials and how we can improve them! Please let us know in the comments below

We are working on pretty cool tutorials coming up next around predictive modeling using powerful frameworks like XGBoost and Tensorflow, stay tuned! We also plan on starting to release some tutorials in Python, but that is farther along our roadmap.


Wow, never heard about the R programming language. Can you describe what's the goal of the tutorials? An app that tries to predict the price?

Thanks for checking us out! We have 3 different tutorials planned, each with a different goal.

  1. R-Basics Tutorial:

In this tutorial you first learn the basics of actually programming in R. Learning basic things like doing math in R and using functions. After getting the basics, the tutorial uses data that is never outdated by more than 1 hour in order to work through some examples of data manipulation and visualization exploring cryptocurrency market data from the last 7 days.

2.Tidyverse tutorial:


This tutorial teaches you about a concept that makes programming in R much easier overall called the "tidyverse"

3.Use-Case Tutorial:

This final tutorial will be what really puts it all together and uses all of the concepts explored in the first 2 tutorials, and creates real predictive models and predictions using complex predictive models (R has the same capabilities as Python on this front). This tutorial will be released sometime before the end of the month but is not yet available on the website.

The goal of the tutorials is to learn R, but why learn on data that is 20 years old when you could learn to program while analyzing the cryptocurrency markets instead? This is real data source that has never been used in a large scale capacity for trading, the point of this is not to make you any money, but if you were to notice real meaningful patterns through the things you learn, which is the point of the tutorials, nothing stops you from doing as you wish with that information.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer :)

No problem! As someone who has never heard of R, please let us know if you find anything to be particularly confusing or hard to follow!

page loads really slow for me, yet I appreciate the work that has been put into this.

Yes, sorry should have mentioned this in the post itself. The tutorials take a while to load because when you open the link, it basically starts a machine in the cloud which extracts the data from our database to get the latest data, and that process takes a while. Once the tutorial is generated however (which takes about 30 seconds), you should not have any load times at all after that because the data stays loaded

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