Lesson 4 of Swahili

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Lesson 4, Do you speak English?


Probably one of the first sentences you should learn when traveling to a new country: "Do you Speak English?"

So how is it said in Swahili?

Unaongea Kiingereza? - This is an informal way to ask the question.

Je, unaweza ongea Kiingereza? - This is an Formal way to ask the question.

To be more polite you can Substitute the word "Je", for "Samahani", which means excuse me.

Samahani, unaweza ongea Kiingereza?

Here are some of the possible Responses:

Ndio - Yes
Kidogo - A little
La, siongei Kiingereza - No, I don't speak English

For people that speak other languages here are some words to replace "Kiingereza" (English)

Kitallia - Italian
Kirusi - Russian
Kihispania - Spanish
Kijerumani - German

I googled how to say "Afrikaans" in Swahili as this is my native language but it seems like there isn't an Swahili word for it. See you on the next lesson.

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Nice job teaching us Swahili (even though I guess I will never go to Kenia or Tansania).


Hey??? It would still make for a great party trick :)

What a creative idea. I did blogs about signing I am learning italian now so o wont join


Thats so cool, If I were to go to Sardinia instead of Zanzibar, I would also have been busy with Italian, but I have learned some in the past, arrivederci :)


ci Vediamo Bello steemisfere