Underestanding The Blockchain - Part 2

in learning •  6 months ago

When we are in a bull markey, nobody has time to learn anything and everyone is in a rush, but when the bearish market comes around, its a good time to add to our underestanding of the space, in that spirit I preapered some videos in my native language wich is Persian, to help people from my country actualy learn the basics of blockchain technology, these videos were published on www.coiniran.com
I always apriciate your support
Underestanding the blockchain-part2
زنجيره بلاك ها چگونه كار مي كند -بخش دوم

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I thought coiniran is a cryptocoin in Iran :)


Nope, it was the first website that started covering The blockchain news, and is trying to educate people now


Good initiative. Iran should embrace blockchain technology. :)