We All Need More Patience - Now!

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We have to be patient, I hear your say! Yes, we all do. And when someone tells you need to be more patient, it is not so much a question of patience as a lack of understanding. How is that? Let's see.

When you make an attempt to change something about yourself, especially when you are in the process of doing something, sometimes you give in rather quickly. I give in rather quickly, I promise. For some reason, this seems to work for me and for most of my students. We all need to slow down, give in a little, and then be patient.

Patience can mean the difference between success and failure, of achieving something we did not want or planned for. It also means that we can sometimes take action in spite of ourselves, in spite of our very best efforts. It is not always easy, but it is possible. There is no reason why patience cannot be built up or earned, or even taken from us.

When I was growing up, my father would often use the phrase, "We all need to get more patience." I believe he was right. Many of us were extremely impatient as children. The question is, Can we change that? Is there anything we can do?
First of all, listen to what your inner wisdom says. Your spirit, your inner being, your mind and your wisdom are aware of your personal situation. Give them some space. They may give you some insight you had never considered before. When you give them time, you will find your patience improves, you become less impatient, and your life becomes less frustrating.

Take time for yourself. Do things you enjoy, make lists of things you like to do, or take some time out for yourself to just sit and reflect. We sometimes get so busy living with the tension of another, imminent appointment, that we do not have enough time to relax and enjoy ourselves. This causes tension, which then feeds on itself until we find ourselves in a state of frustration and anger.

Be patient. Try not to be upset, disappointed, frustrated, or irritated. Let go of the negative thoughts. Express only positive thoughts. Replace all the negatives with positives, and soon you will find that you have developed patience, and that you give much less offense than you used to.

Don't forget that patience is important. So, give it to others as well! Make time to be available to friends and family, and be sure to give them your full attention. Practice this patience regularly. Develop it more thoroughly, and you'll find that you can be patient with people far more often than you had imagined possible. Time to relax is at hand...now!

Patience is an important quality to possess, and we all need it in our lives. It is probably a gift we were born with. Some people have great patience and reserve; they see the big picture and develop strategies for making the most of their patience. Other people need to find more practical ways to work on their patience-giver's patience.

In fact, some people would rather learn how to make things happen the right way and waste their precious patience on trying to make things happen in the wrong way. The problem with that approach is that wasted time only delays and adds to the stress of life. Instead, make things happen the right way and use your patience to build on things. Learn how to build confidence and assertiveness. Learn how to manage your patience and use it productively.

Learning patience is a lifelong process. It can be difficult to build on a new trait at first, but that is what patience is for. Sooner or later, you will get better at it and find yourself a very effective tool to use in your everyday life. Patience doesn't only show in your ability to wait, but it also shows in your ability to reach everyone's needs. Patience teaches you not to run to the first opportunity to meet with someone new. Patience teaches you not to procrastinate.
You will find yourself happier, your relationships will be better, and your life will be more fulfilling when you learn how to put more patience into your life. Don't give up, take action, and learn how to cultivate your patience. Start today!


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