the power of music to the learning understanding

in learning •  2 years ago

Today I would like to share with you about how music are important to the learning process.
We all familiar about music no matter what kind of music. The aim of any music is to give message to the listeners and also to refresh them.
In learning the music is important for sending the message to the learners in simple way. When the learners hear the music they enjoy and also they get the lesson in easy way. This form of learning is good because it cause the learner to have long term memory. And also to enjoy what he/she learned.
Forms of learning through music are important to the children. Through music children they enjoy the lesson and they learn a lot of things in a short time. For example when they sing this song:
When I was a farmer a farmer a farmer
When I was a farmer a farmer was I
It on this way and that way on this way and that way
When I was a farmer a farmer was I.
Through this song the children learn how the farmer did and when they become the farmer what was needed to conduct farming process.
In short I can say when music used in learning process it simplify the learning process and cause the message to reach to the receiver. But learning through music is more applicable to the children.

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