MOOC: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University

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For anyone interested: it finally launched! 20 000 people already enrolled.

I have been waiting two months as the course is delayed. It was about to start in September, then October, then November and they finally made it!

This is an 11-week MOOC course on Coursera by

About this Course (quote):

To really understand what is special about Bitcoin, we need to understand how it works at a technical level.

We’ll address the important questions about Bitcoin, such as: How does Bitcoin work? What makes Bitcoin different? How secure are your Bitcoins? How anonymous are Bitcoin users? What determines the price of Bitcoins? Can cryptocurrencies be regulated? What might the future hold?

After this course, you’ll know everything you need to be able to separate fact from fiction when reading claims about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll have the conceptual foundations you need to engineer secure software that interacts with the Bitcoin network. And you’ll be able to integrate ideas from Bitcoin in your own projects.

Course Lecturers:

  • Arvind Narayanan, Princeton University
  • Joseph Bonneau, Princeton University
  • Ed Felten, Princeton University
  • Andrew Miller, University of Maryland
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Thanks cheetah you are indeed fast ;-) Yes, I mentioned that I quoted the course's website.

You are not alone who was looking forward to it. I have also registered as soon as i heard about this course. Coursera is awesome place!