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Hi Friends,

How much time do you usually spend learning in your day? I love learning. It really helps me get out of my "to-do" list mindset and usually leaves me feeling re-inspired. The weeks that I don't spend as much time learning - I notice my stress levels are higher and I feel less creative.

I think as content creators especially, it's hard to consistently output information if we are not also soaking up new information on a regular basis.

Despite the cover photo - I actually listen to way more audiobooks than I physically read them. I hope you guys enjoy this vlog and hearing more about my daily learning routines and how I make it a non-negotiable part of my day.

Xo, Lea



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Similar to you, my time to read is limited given I am always moving or doing something whether it be at home or at the office so I do hear plenty of podcasts to keep up with themes and news. I also have a couple of books I keep by my bed to read a bit before going to bed but am I more successful reading when traveling. I also bring along magazines I typically get from my professional memberships to read and catch up.

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Oh I totally feel the same way! For some reason, reading from a physical book is much easier on vacation. It feels like such an indulgence to just sit and read. 😊

My brain is the size of a basketball.


Much better than a large onion 🤣

I am addicted to listening audiobooks, it's so convenient to listen to a great book while doing something like boring house work!

My brain is the size of a large onion.

Life is a continuing learning process. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to seeing what we can learn in the coming year as well as continuing to thrive on Steemit.

Hai @coruscate im sorry, i don't comment on your writing, it's just that i want to say "Happy new year" hopefully in 2019 get the best for us.😊

I like listening to audio books or podcasts while doing my chores or working on something that does not require much verbal thinking. I have specific podcasts that I like to listen to while cooking or doing dishes. And I also listened to a specific podcast while I was working on my picture book. Putting on headphones and starting a new episode set me into the zone and I honestly believe that that's one of the reasons why I was able to finish the project.

Nowadays, I like to learn by watching online courses (when learning about design or using a software), or again, listening to audio books (for example about marketing), but when it comes to more technical subjects, I need to read the traditional books to be able to internalize the information.

How much time do you usually spend learning in your day?<< too much time, haha it gets in the way of being productive sometimes lol.