What Have I learned Today - 4th September, 2018

in learning •  2 months ago

Its always better to write down what have you learned on a particular day. I will try to write whenever I will learn any new things or discover anything which will make my life easier.

I am working on SOLR (Solr is an open source search platform, written in Java) for quite some time and I have not fully discovered the software as a whole. I learn new things everyday whenever I start working on it. One such thing I learned today is analyzing my result.

Before today, whenever I change my schema I reindex all my documents to see if the change worked or not. But doing that was time-consuming as I have to reindex the whole database which would take almost half a day depending on the network.

Now with Analysis I actually do not have to reindex the whole database, but I can analyze the field by sending the query to know if that is giving me right results or not as shown below.


In simple terms, Analysis helps me to inspect how the data will be handled according to the field, field type based on the Schema. Now I can analyze how content would be handled during indexing as well as query processing and view the results at the same time, thus it helps me to be productive.

Is there anything new you have learned today?

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