gelatin and its usage

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Gelatin how make Usage and production

Gelatin is made by original fats protein substance and with tissues of animals,Some gelatin are more expensive compare to others some gelatin is cheap and simply available in market , i have comes to know that china is importing and exporting billions ton of gelatin, The special gelatin which is made by donkey is also famous in china, Donkey is simply available in my country in 200$ but china is ready to buy donkey parts in 1500$, i dont know how donkey is profitable for china but it is really bad for life of donkey, Last few years china is making gelatin using donkey skin and bones our country start exporting donkeys and start killing donkeys for their greedy nature.
Galetin is easy soluble into water and form of jelly is liked by small kids.
Animal bone skins are taken from slaughter houses, in my opinion jelly should be banned in all countries because it is not easy to ensure what jelly you are eating not contain harmful bacteria,some bones are not fine and got from
animals like dogs , donkeys which are now allowed to eat in many muslim countries , So usage of jelly is doubtful if these gelatin is made by goats cow bones and skin tissues i believe it is good , But in our country there is no medical facilities to determine That what jelly we are eating is halal or haram .

procedure and usage

So the procedure of making jelly is step by Stem and simple
First when the animal skin tissues and bones comes to food processing plant, they are inspected by food quality inspectors to ensure the quality. But we can found high quality in developed countries because underdevelopment countries never care about quality.
The animal parts then start soaking in water and all fats for making jelly is rotated and roasted by machines.
pieces are loaded into extractors using distilled water.
After many process company add some addictive flavour especially liked by kids.But i do not prefer to eat jelly. Specially for kids without ensure about the quality.
Some people use jelly for curd stiffness making.

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