the responsibilities of father.

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Are you a present father?
Who has not heard that when a man and a woman have a child the responsibility with respect to the child is of both? And that as a couple the care that the child requires should be divided and effectively participate in all phases of his childhood to adult life. This would be, at least, the ideal in the upbringing of the child, but in practice, it does not always happen. In the division of tasks between the man and the woman it is clear that some of it only the mother could perform; others correspond to the father. However, what is observed is that many men cease to be present in the lives of their children at certain times.

Many of them are going to justify that they are like this because they went through situations in which the parents were absent because of their work, due to lack of time, decisions at certain times, education they had, family separation who lived and even for adversities of life, such as the death of the father. Others, however, will say that even so we managed to go through these problems and became winners. Several of them may even not want to admit the fault their parents made to them, but if they could rewrite their story with their presence they would surely do so. However it is not possible to make a trip in time to perform this rescue and live those lost moments. There is also no information that this possibility will exist in the near future so what you can do is take care of your child in the best possible way .

Ask yourself the following questions: "What would I like my father to do with me as a child and he did not? This is the premise from which you must depart to be a different father than he was.
It is clear that you will not spoil your children or allow them to do everything they want. When we say that you do something we are not referring to the quality of time you spend with them at every moment with the children you can and should be special, to invest the guidance, in the teaching and in your training.


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