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Welcome to my crypto-me page here on steemit!

First off - who am I? why am I here? and what makes me qualified to share my learnings with you?

I’m a woman, wife, and mother whose family heritage consists of migrators, farmers, slaves and genocide victims. I lost my mother a few years ago. My dad has never really been around.

Despite the lack of a father figure, I must say that I grew up with a lot of love. But let’s just say life hasn’t been easy, and at times life seemed terrible. Except that through all of the struggles I’ve endured, I have built an incredible amount of faith, perseverance, and tenacity.

In other words: It’s been a bumpy ride. But it’s been worth it.

While I prefer not to reveal my profession or true identity (which is some of the beauty of using a stealth mode pen-name) I professionally am an active contributor to the blockchain community and revolution. And, I’ve always had a penchant for sharing what I learn with others; hence, the birth of crypto-me.

crypto-me is my pedagogical voice. my annotation. my memoir of all things related to the emerging technologies of cryptography, blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and altcoins.

This next part may be pointless to share, but since this is an about me page, I’ll take a moment to gloat!

In the past I’ve been successful at dominating the organic search results of the first page of Google for a niche set of keywords. Though one would hope for similar success after investing about 4 years studying digital and affiliate marketing, with a focus on content creation and search engine optimization.

All-in-all: this isn’t my first stab at creating a web presence.
(I’ll later share why I chose to use this publishing platform, amongst the many available, to voice my thoughts and opinions.)

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve figured it out yet, but I’ve also always had a budding entrepreneurial spirit. Although I’m not so sure I had a choice hahaha!

I'm proud to share that I’m an 80’s baby and the girl who sold candy, babysat, washed cars or found some way to earn a few extra dollars. For as long as I can remember, everyone in my family has worked hard; it’s just what we do.

I’m also painfully one of the few who heard about bitcoin around the time it was born. I was doing the affiliate marketing thing at the time and I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard about bitcoin. I don’t remember the exact date, just that it was roughly 2009. But I vividly recall sitting at my mother’s computer in her apartment reading about and wondering how to buy bitcoin.

Mind you, this was when it was pennies to get in. Ugh. I don’t even want to think about it.

And you know why I didn’t buy? This is actually probably the worst part of the story:
Because my silly behind thought it was the 'Mark of the Beast.' Sigh.

While I do believe in God, I no longer believe bitcoin is the 'Mark of the Beast.' Hopefully I’m not wrong. So far it seems that I am and this misconception cost me. Literally.

That said, I do believe bitcoin and blockchain technology will have a huge hand in a New World Order, as prophesied in the Bible. But, I’ll share more on this at another time.

Anyway, this brings me to why I’m here. Why I’m on steemit. Why I’m sharing my articles with you.

I hope to:

  • help you see how easy it is to use bitcoin and altcoins
  • help you see the value that’s being created by these new emerging technologies
  • present you with as much researched or factual data as possible, mostly in layman's terms
  • show you how you can get involved in the disruption that has begun to happen due to blockchain technology
  • You see, when I first heard about bitcoin years ago, I found it ingenious! Too good to be true.

    I guess that’s why I had to find something wrong with it.

    If you got in early - kudos!

    However, I think many of us tricked ourselves into doing the same at some point along the way. We believed in the negativity. Or found some reason not to buy the hype. And we stayed away.

    Don’t get me wrong either. I’m not saying this tech is a cure-all, be-all, end-all. Although it’s damn close when we consider the evolution that can happen with this technology. Much like (I hate to say it) : the dot-com boom.

    Since I’ve already dated myself, I might as well keep going! My mom was a teacher and used to bring her Apple computer home from her classroom every summer. I loved playing The Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, and a few other games at an elementary age. Then in 1996, we got a home computer. Who remembers the excitement of an AOL or earthlink disc arriving in the mail? Hahaha

    Just close your eyes for a moment (well, I guess that’s hard to do while reading). Imagine being an early adopter or founder and having a fraction of stock or equity in any of the companies that have since been born.

    Fun thoughts. That gradually become depressing, right?

    Anyway. I’m just saying that I’ve learned a lot since I heard about bitcoin in 2009 and since then there have been both amazing discoveries and also a lot of myths circulating about bitcoin, blockchain and their impact on technology and the world as we know it.

    My ultimate goal is to help reach underserved communities and those that want to learn more about the mysterious world of all things crypto

    I want others who have been less fortunate, others who weren’t born into an inheritance - I want you to be able to discover and realize both the simplicity and risk involved when becoming a crypto-keeper or holder of cryptocurrency.

    Plus, it’s always a pleasure to encounter interesting personalities along the way :smile:

    Just in Case, My Disclaimers:

    This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by crypto-me belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

    The information contained herein is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis with respect to the material presented, and the information and/or documents contained in this website do not constitute investment advice.

    Performance represented is historical. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover full amounts invested.


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    yay! thanks :)

    I love this and I like how you shared your regrets with bitcoin.
    I bought 4.5 bitcoin last year for $400 a coin and sold them shortly after.
    Haha, at the time it was the best choice sooo, I kind of half regret it half don't!

    oh no!!! i know the feeling xoxo

    What a huge intro! I can understand you: Heard about BTC in 2011, bought in 2017 :(
    Looking forward to your posts!
    Resteemed you via @welcoming where I share promising newcomers! Greets!

    aw, thank you!
    depending on when in 2017 it was still a good time to get in ;)

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