Monstera flowers and their uses

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Yesterday was sick, but when I was interested in contacting Mas Iwan, an activist of ornamental plants from Bogor. We chatted at length about ornamental plants and the business prospects behind them. Last month, we received a suggestion from several readers that Klikhijau also publishes information about ornamental plants on weekends. It seems interesting, given the enthusiasm of the people who equip their houses with various plants. That is the reason why we are looking for ornamental plant activists who have indeed been working in this sector for a long time. We finally agreed to review the selected types of ornamental plants every week. Of course with Mas Iwan who is also willing to be our regular resource. This time, we will review the 'widow hole' aka janbol. The name that was built was Monstera Adansonii, which came from the Araceae family. One of the tropical plants (present-day plants) which are more sought after and sought after by plant lovers and plant collectors because of its variegated features.


Caring for Ornamental Plants to Stay Beautiful in the Rainy Season Then why is it called a perforated widow? Don't stop messing around just yet! Apparently, this one plant has the peculiarity of the appearance of its hollow or hollow leaves. It is true that Indonesians are called widows with holes. Anyway, the holes in the leaves of this plant are not due to disease or pest attack but are truly authentic. Well, due to the hole in the leaf is what causes the price to soar. Not only that, this one variety is quite rare. Iwan found exotic adansonii in Japan and Thailand. Actually, there are also in Indonesia, only different types and different colors. According to Iwan, there are two types of monstera, namely adansonii and epioremiodes. Adansonii has characteristics including: more oval leaves, dark green color, and smaller holes. While the epipremiodes have long leaf patterns, the color of the leaves is light green and the leaf holes are more numerous and larger. how about the price? Wow, the question of price, said Iwan, really depends on the quality and rarity. If the variegated is good or the size is large, it is certainly more expensive. Adansonii, which has a good variety and is balanced between white and green, with broad leaves between 15 cm and 80 cm, costs around 10 million rupiah or more. While the usual ones are sold for 1 million rupiah. Are buyers in Indonesia interested even though it is expensive? According to Iwan, there are quite a lot of fans of this type. It is evident from the many who have wondered. "But, I'm still asking, bro, hey," said Iwan. Maybe because the price is expensive so that the buyers are counted on fingers. Luckily, thanks to the support of social media, Iwan also has quite a lot of foreign customers. This stunning, prestigious adansonii can be displayed on the porch of the house, on the wall fence, or on the road in a tree. The patio or yard will look luxurious with this ornamental plant.


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