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When analysing failures and mistakes, I choose not to see them as bad occurrences or things that shouldn't even be at all. I choose instead to see failure and mistakes as a channel to excellence, a means of building trust and respect and I'll explain why.

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I know many people will not agree with me, but failure and mistakes first of all reminds you of the fact that you are humane. You are obviously not perfect, only God is. But being humane is not supposed to be a liability. So it's of no use detesting that simple fact.
But this message centers on Mistakes made by the Big guys!!
You know the feeling you have when you commit a huge blunder in the presence of your staff or followers; blunder which if committed by a staff attract a query, warning, even a termination of appointment or some severe punishment!!! If you've never made such a mistake as a leader, then just try imagining the scenario. For me, it gives me goosebumps!!! 😂😂😂
Now what happens when you make these mistakes? For some leaders, they push the blame on someone else or something and of course theres always someone on whom the blame can be placed 😂😂. Other leaders own up to it and take responsibility. But what happens when you take responsibility for your actions? Do you stop leading because of that one mistake? At the end, who leads who -YOU OR THE MISTAKE?
Now, let me be frank and speaking from experience, you'll initially be ashamed and disappointed in yourself. That's normal. But this feeling is meant to help you own up to the mistake rather than casting blames, and where necessary apologize for everything and profer solutions to either remedy the situation or at least minimise damage.

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It doesn't change the fact that you are a leader. It doesn't debase you in anyway so beware of derogatory comments from others and derogatory thoughts from you. It is at this point some leaders loose everything and let go of their rightful position and possible chance to right the wrongs.
Mistakes are stepping stones to excellence and expertise; hence, it is necessary to seek out leassons to be learnt from every mistake. Pick out the lessons and as well teach others. It takes nothing but rather adds to you as a leader.

At this point, I'd really like to say thank you to everyone who takes time to read my post.
Please upvote, comment, resteem... And follow my blog!
I'd really like to get your thoughts on life's issues.
Love you loads!!
I'll be bringing in more messages and I've made a list of people who really inspire me on this platform... And I know this list can only get longer.
Thank you so much
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Please note the list above are individuals whose simple comments and post have inspired me in one way or the other.. And I know there are many more people like that.
I don't regret mentioning you guys and I love the fact that you see things as they are and speak up for what's right.
Love you guys!!!

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