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​In response to this video (link at bottom).

​I’ve been saying since the project was announced in Toronto, they are indeed building Covid Concentration Camps, and if you compare Canada 2015- to Germany in the 1930s there are a lot of, albeit in modern form, parallels. I’ve been crucified on Twitter repeatedly for saying death is natural, and covid is just another thing we have to live with. Even bending and lying about the numbers they still can’t get “cases” up to 2.5% of “tests” and deaths are just 5% of that tiny 2.5%. Enough is enough. No “new normal”.

Zeitgeist did a segment on the Federal Reserve, creating money out of nothing and then loaning that to the people. In the past, and still today, governments like ours used omnibus bills to hide changes supporting globalism and quietly chipping away at the foundations of democracy. I’ve tried to point out that Soros is the face of evil but he is not the crowd standing behind the curtain. He is there for you to focus and waste your time on while the elitists slip everything past you in plain sight.

Nuclear weapons were probably the best invention ever, they have brought about the awareness of Mutually Assured Destruction and the importance of never choosing that course of action.


I said it back when they were negotiating the Free Trade Agreement, some day Canada, USA and Mexico will be replaced with the North American Alliance.

Trump’s “ban on muslim” countries, was a list of countries that Obama wanted to ban travel from. All Trump did was add a couple countries and push it forward.

On pedophilia and MAP, I did write this on my website

The Hunter Biden story will disappear if Biden wins (keeping with that I’m responding to this video a few days after the election) but beyond, you’ll see it forgotten just like the source of covid (which in it’s early days I still think originated in Winnipeg, taken by the 2 kicked out scientists to Wuhan, weaponized, possibly for nefarious selling to another country, the US tried to get a hold of it and it escaped during the transfer. Yes, I believe covid release was an accident but it was well timed to push forward the globalist agenda).

Drugs – I think small personal possession should be minor fines with no jail, catch and release basically. Dealers on the other hand should receive the brunt of the justice system.
Voter ID, as I said during the campaign last year, I’m still for a Citizenship Voter Photo ID card for Canadians and ONLY in person voting.

If Biden wins, he’ll be “retired” or declared incompetent within 6 months and Harris will be in charge. Polls and polling are complete garbage. I have made it my mission every time a poll comes out to point out the “80%” is from a pool of maybe 1,003 people vs 40 million in Canada. Polls are NOT a reflection of the opinions of the country.

I pulled my hair out the other day trying to explain the difference between being “elected a leader” and “being a leader”.

If it’s any consolation, about being behind and catching up. I have 6 of your videos to watch and I’m not even at work still.