Introducing Steemit Lucid Dreaming Task Club. (STEEM WHILE YOU DREAM)

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I know there are a few strong lucid dreamers here at steemit!

Why not earn Steem while you dream? Lucid Dream Tasks will be selected by comments. All you have to do is comment on this post with your idea for a lucid dream task. It could be flying, using magical powers etc. Whichever comment has the most upvotes will be the selected task (or tasks) for the month. Whoever completes the lucid dream task of the month will win 1 SBD!

how to participate

Keep a dream journal on steemit. When you complete the lucid dream task, Write it down and post it on steemit with the tag: LDtaskclub as your first tag, make sure to let me know in the comments! Whoever completes the lucid dream task and posts it will win 1SBD.

Please resteem this post to get interest in this task club. please upvote this post! Let's get a monthly steemit lucid dream task club started! The more interest in the task club the bigger the rewards may be over time!