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It's hard not to agree that to be a leader in a particular field, it's important to be qualitatively different from their competitors. And, to be different, it is important for you to analyze the entire range of services provided by them and make it a little better. In what this law operates not only in certain industries or fields of goods or services. This competition law applies absolutely in all areas of modern society.

What is LCX

LCX is a blockchain cryptocurrency platform that aims to become a world-famous platform in blockchain banking. This is a very popular platform that is widely known for its LCX Terminal and unique cryptocurrency trading desk. LCX tokens are special utility tokens that are acceptable for use with the LCX blockchain ecosystem.

LCX's goal is to become one of the first blockchain banks in the world to be licensed and monitored to smoothly integrate traditional and crypto assets.

The advantage

In addition, the LCX Terminal has been designed and complies with the legal and financial system of the Kingdom of Liechtenstein, showing users clear legal clarity that is supported by internal security tokens.
_ Also, the bright, distinctive feature of the LCX Terminals from Casper Tech, Coinigy and Quadency, is its flexibility in the use and convenience of all panel interfaces, where with just one click you can easily go to the department you want. See your current balance, see possible strategies to dissolve your investment portfolio, and get the latest information from the world of cryptocurrency. Because LCX Terminal news feeds work without interruption 24/7, which means you won't miss important events that can radically change the course of events for certain digital assets.

And for a trader to always have fresh information at hand is also very important, such as breathing fresh air. So, thanks to this default tool, the LCX Terminal gains a clear advantage among the format platforms mentioned above, similar.

Public sales of LCX tokens will begin on February 12!

You can buy LCX in Presale, which will be allocated 5 million tokens. The first part of the sale of the token will have a 25% bonus discount on the official price of 0.01 ETH.
Lescovex will distribute 50% of the profit from the commission received from the transaction to all LCX owners who have not transferred their tokens within 90 days.
50% of the commission will be sent to smart contracts, from which LCX owners will be able to withdraw their income at ETH.
Lescovex seeks to distribute its profits among the communities that support the project by accepting LCX tokens.

Token Name: LCX Token
Symbol Token: LCX
Price: 1 LCX = 0.060 USD
Total Tokens: 100,000,000 LCX
Min Investment: 5,000 LCX
Limited Countries: China, Japan (日本), United States
Price of Tokens = 0.10 USD
IEO Discount = 40%
IEO Token Price = 0.06 USD
IEO Allocation = 100,000,000 LCX (10% of the Total Token Supply)

Official source of the LCX Terminal:

EMAIL: [email protected]

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