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When in spirit a game plan for the life you are living is conceived to allow you to progress upon your path towards enlightenment, whilst paying back karma and learning valuable lessons along the way.

There is much misinformation being peddled, by confused teachers, on The Law of Attraction which does not actually exist - this is a rather depressing revelation and can leave one feeling despondent - but fear not for all is not lost!

The energies within the universe are your allies as they align to facilitate the successful achievements of your aspirations and goals but until the stars and planets align a person has to hold faith and continue to turn up regularly and do whatever needs to be done in order to further their ambitions. It is worth noting that when we strive for success it is not automatically given for this is not the destiny of all. Even though a person may be positive and work hard visible, easily quantifiable, success on the physical plane is not guaranteed. Lamentably man has an exceedingly narrow view of what constitutes success - often confusing material wealth as the only true marker of it!

No amount of visualisation and fruity mood board creation can actually change the course of events but what they can do is keep a person motivated and inspired along the way. For we do create our own reality by the choices we make and by how we intellectually chose to process our lives at any given time.

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So, we are not all destined to be millionaires in this lifetime. Throughout our many reincarnations we each show up to play all roles within society: butcher/baker/candlestick maker/beggar man/whore/thief!

And, as such we would be well advised to be grateful for all blessings, small to large, and enjoy each moment for what it truly is - a gift...

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Be Happy xox

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