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There is something wrong with society and it´s for a reason.
Why do so many people work so hard to earn money and those who work the least get it easily.
If you would know who you are, you would accept that everything you desire comes easily.
Imagine yourself being energy, like everything is energy first.
I will make this post short because it is an easy concept, try it out and tell me your results.
A radiostation emits a signal and to listen to a certain Station you have to tune your radio to that station.
If you don´t, you will not be able to hear what you want to hear, because the signal is emiting a different one and you receive what is being played on another station. The radio is functionong thanks to different frequencies.
We are the same. You are the emiter of your signal. Now imagine you feel poor, you have so many things to pay.
You have been told that the more money you want, the harder you have to work.
That is the frequency you are emiting into the universe. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.
What am i recommending you to do?
Ignore your reality, its already PAST-TENSE!
NOW you have the power to decide what is your next step.
Why do you want more money?
To feel FREE, to do everything with ease and being able to do everything you want.
Think about how it would make you feel instead of talking about not having it and giving your attention to the lack of it.
Dont get upset seeing that money isnt coming yet.
The goal of this is that you feel good anyways, because if you talk about how you would feel having it, and why you want it,
your eminating a signal as if you already had it, and you don´t have to worry, just see it flowing to you and changing beliefs that dont serve you like believing you have to work hard for money.
You dont do this to have the money, you do it to feel good NOW. This is what you want.
So why not feel good now, and just watch that it is your birthright to have everything you desire and that if you eminate a signal of abundance, it will find you.

I wish you a nice day and hope you learned something new.
Greeting from Mexico! :)


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Thank you for posting this. I think your way to live is right, more people should just get something if they want it and not say things like 'This is impossible for me' etc. You remind me of one philosopher ... I can't remember his name. Well, upvoted!

I decided to make this work for you. Upvoted, resteemed and sent a small donation. Keep up the good work and stay safe amiga. To anyone reading my feed. Please consider making this happen for her by upvoting and resteeming it. Let's see this in action.


Thankyou so much! Your support means a lot and you made me getting started on steemit much easier! Saludos :)

Thanks for the reminder. I am going to put this into practice.

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