Legal Self Defense - Recommended reading for learning common law

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Legal Self Defense - Recommended reading on the common law

To really understand our laws, one needs to become familiar with the common law and realize that the law is supposed to be based on the philosophy of liberty, not the rule of man.

The common law is the law we inherited from England and stretches back to the middle ages. Combine the common law of England with our case law and you have our established law.

Reading about the common law can help to make clear not only what law is supposed to do, but where legislation conflicts with actual law.

Where to find the common law?

To understand the common law, one needs to look back at the writings of jurists.

Some of my favorite writings are available completely free on line.

Sir Edward Coke

One of the greats in english law who declared the king to be subject to the law and noted that legislation was void if it violated common right and reason.

William Blackstone

Additional reading worth considering

Some other excellent sources of solid information worthy of considering when trying to wrap your head around what the law is are as follows:

Frederic Bastiat

Lysander Spooner

An anarchist lawyer who does an excellent job of making things clear.

Why learn law?

Law can be used to take your property, your liberty, and your life.

Remain ignorant of law at your own peril.

See my introduction on legal self defense for more information.

Be well! @tony.jennings

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