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Do you need a paternity test to demand child support. Sometimes, but not always. In this article and video from Learn About Law, we will explain paternity tests in child support cases and answer when you do and do not need a paternity test.

When You Do Not Need a Paternity Test:
Paternity is the legal acknowledgement of a child by its father. The most significant factor in determining if a paternity test is required is marital status at birth. If the mother is married or in a civil partnership, it will be automatically assumed that the spouse is the father of the child. The spouse can then sign the birth certificate as the father and is immediately legally tied to that child. Be careful to avoid paternity fraud, though, as signing a birth certificate when you are not the biological father can cause significant problems for all parties. For more, see our article on who can sign a birth certificate.

If the mother is not married, they will need to go through a process to declare the father, either through voluntary declaration or a legal petition. For more of the process, see our attached video or read our fill article.

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