Create Your World with the Law Of Attraction and Essene Mirrors

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createyourworldBanner.jpgThe idea that you can actually create your world may sound far-fetched, but we hold the power to do so in our minds and spirit. Many people are coming to this realization with the “law of attraction” movement (sometimes called “New Thought“). They have used it as a way to increase their wealth, attract new jobs, electronics, lost pets, and even to get pregnant. But, there is more to the “law of attraction” than just attracting physical things. We also attract emotions, and spiritual “tests” of sorts. If you are very angry you will attract angry people or situations in which your anger might “get the best of you.” The Seven Essene Mirrors seems to explain this better.

The idea of the 7 Essene Mirrors is that when you run into something substantial in your life, it may be reflecting to you:

Who You Are – If you’re angry you attract more anger from yourself or others. If you’re calm, you will attract calm people or calm situations. If you’re hateful, you’ll attract hate, if you’re petty and unforgiving, others will act the same way towards you.

What You Judge – If you haven’t forgiven people when they make mistakes, you’ll see it more and more until you realize you should be forgiving. If you really hate it when people talk during movies, you may attract that into your life so that you can deal with why it upsets you.

What You Lost – If you’ve lost, given away or had something taken from you, you may keep seeing others who have that thing or situation. This may result in an attraction (spark) towards someone that you don’t know why you’re attracted to them. The attraction is because they have something that you want in your life, such as a good job, or family, etc. These situations will come up in order to make you deal with your regret that you don’t have it. You are unaware consciously of this regret, which is why your subconscious is bringing it to your attention. Once you are conscious of it, you can make a choice to go after the thing you want, or choose that you don’t want it enough to change your life. Once you make a conscious decision one way or the other, the spark should go away. In the video below Gregg Braden explains how this led to an office affair between two people, and once they figured it out, the affair fizzled.

Most Forgotten Love – If you have an unfinished relationship to finish it might continue to show up. This may be a past-life thing, but doesn’t have to be. You may have had issues with your mother who died, and run into someone else who you have the same relationship issue with in order for you to finally deal with this issue.

Father / Mother – Our dads & moms are like “gods” to us as kids. They are our “source” of food, housing, love, etc. and they make the rules/commandments for our early lives. This reflects our relationship with the heavenly Father/Mother. If you have a bad relationship with your parents, such as your dad not being around, it may be a reflection of you feeling like your heavenly Father is not around. The “mother” side to the creator is the Holy Spirit / Wisdom side that God created through, so a relationship issue with your mother may have something to do with how you feel about your relationship with YHWH’s creative power – His Holy Spirit.

Dark Night of the Soul – This is a quest for darkness, looking within at all your faults and fears in order to increase in wisdom & grow.

Your Self-Perception – Others treat you the way you view yourself
If you view yourself as ugly, they will treat you that way.
If you view yourself as undeserving of good pay, you won’t get it.
If you don’t forgive yourself, you won’t be forgiven.

By your state of mind and spirit you are attracting these situations and people into your life as mirrors so that you will improve yourself. The process of getting pure and being refined from bad habits is difficult, but it is very worth it. When you realize that the things in your life are happening because of how you feel inside, you will realize with some meditation, and spiritual work, you can truly change the world around you!

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