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The real reason why the judge leaves a court and comes back in: We are dealing with magic and curses

Money is cursed (judgments) until it is matured (until substance comes back into commerce); this is why they have to always be in bankruptcy because if the curse matures, it will rebound and they get it all back with interest. So when they send you a judgment it is a curse. Money is the currency of curses and as long as money exists, their curses can never mature. Time to stop using their cursed debt notes, I say. Wow, no wonder they hold onto this gem. Blue laws - blue is an ecclesiastical color that’s why court papers and police use it.

Maxim–One who does not establish their rights; has none.

Truly standing in court.

When you appear in court, the judge is using the jurisdiction of the Bar Society. We must assert that we are a living being, the blood flows; the flesh lives.

You say:

"Your honor, i: a man; am here to establish, for and on the record, that i am a living being, the blood flows; the flesh lives. i wish for remedy."

At this point, we are seeking remedy.

The judge must now offer you remedy otherwise he is in dishonor.

To avoid your remedy and his dishonor, he will leave the court for a made-up reason. While he is gone, he does something in the background. When he comes back in, he comes back 'in honor' because he comes back to get jurisdiction using Maritime Law.

You must then reiterate your standing.

"Your honor, just to reiterate, on and for the record, i: a man; am here to establish that i am a living being, the blood flows; the flesh lives. i wish for cure and maintenance."

At this point, we seek cure and maintenance.

The judge must now offer you cure and maintenance, otherwise he is in dishonor under this law. To avoid his dishonor again, he will leave the court for a second time (probably to put on his blue ecclesiastical pants). When he reappears, he is an ecclesiastical priest, under Canon Law.

You must then reiterate your standing.

"Your honor, just to reiterate, on and for the record, i: a woman; am here to establish i am a living being, the blood flows; the flesh lives and we are sovereign. Nothing stands between myself and the Divine Creator of All that is."

It is only at this third standing that sovereignty can be declared. Because the judge has tried and failed at getting jurisdiction over you 3 times, he is in dishonor with his magic and can no longer work as a judge. The game is over for him. FOREVER.

Ecclesiastical Dishonor is the only way to stop the judges and assert your sovereignty.

You cannot assert this until the third appearance.

With this knowledge, it is GAME OVER for all of them. They are dead in the water.

If we do not declare our living flesh status by the age of 7 (the age of reason declared by the government), then we are declared lost at sea, or dead. We did not tell them we are living and breathing. This is why they can create a trust and charge anyone who identifies himself or herself as this name.

All the talk of ‘identity theft’ is because you are identifying yourselves as the name on the birth certificate. However, you have not declared yourself living and, therefore, the government can legally assume that someone is fraudulently using that name. We are responsible for the draconian measures the government takes to counteract this. If we do not assert our living status, why would the government see your sovereignty?

American Jurisprudence.

-Common Right and Common Reason govern man.

-Men do not govern men.


[ The so-called 'judges' are foreclosed from parity with the tangible.

i: a man; am the living soul, an expression of my Creator in the flesh and blood, blessed with eternal life!

The High Priest of Ba'al in the black robe of Saturn, the Executor De Son Torte, call out to the DEAD in the Sea of Lost Souls. His pirate vessel is a Ghostship and cannot be heard by the living! "ALL RISE!", he calls to the DEAD to collect an alleged Debt.

He is in breach of duty. He is no longer Administrator for the banc-rupt-sea. He summonses the DEAD.

He is now instructed him with the Letter Rogatory and Executrix Letter. We are all pre-paid.

He is a foreign agent, acting as pro-se-cutis, without a Claimant. He calls out as an agent of the DARK LORD, the synagogue of SATAN. BAR! The Agent of Ba'al! "Your father is the Devil!"

He has no Oath of Office, nor registration with FARA or juris-diction.

If any man has a lawful claim, let him rise now!

Being none, this court is adjourned with prejudice!]

Another Option:

You say these in Order:

1- I do not consent to these proceedings

2- Your offer is not accepted

3- I do not consent to being surety for this case or these proceedings

4- I demand that the bond be immediately brought forward so that I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged.

At this point the judge should dismiss the case and ask you to leave the court.

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@flatearthvegan Yes, Know who you are and know their game.
The choice is to be free and respond accordingly.

I know about Maratime Admiralty Law, can you please let me know where did you get this knowledge from, and has this been done In court and received a positive outcome?

This was a compilation of information I got from various sources and presentations. The most prominent figure who accessed his trust to pay for over $100,00 in bridge toll fees is Santos Bonacci. Check out his video after his court hearing.

Thank you for the Information. When the judge comes In to the court and asks everyone to rise, stand, you must not stand, when he asks again. You must respectfully state: that you will stand but you maintain your Common Law Rights & Persona Jurisdiction, then follow the statements you set out In your article.

In addition to this, everyone needs to know about jury nullification. Let me know if you have any information on that. Here's a Star Chamber Justice podcast by my friend who is a former NSA employee who was forced out because he exposed Operation Talpiot, which is a back door data pipeline to Tel Aviv. We are truly controlled by Satanists and Anti-Christs in the flesh!