Rule of law... Nigeria!!!

in #law6 years ago

Laws are made by men for men and it must bind on all without prejudice.

Nigeria, one of the most populous black nation. Of course, has spent over 50years as an independent nation. A child of 50years is well old enough to have master all the wrong and right expected of him by the society.


There are laid down rules that governs how a country is expected to operates. Nigeria as a country has three arms of government, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Each of this arms is to function independently and they indirectly depends on each other for the development and growth of the country.

But the rule of law hasn't be followed in governing this country. The law that sentence a poor Nigerian to 30years imprisonment will most times sentences the rich to 2years imprisonment and mostly it always give the rich an option of fines. The government of the day do clamour for the rule of laws in their day to day activities but they have of course shown that they are only political jingles.

Someone was accused of stealing public fund and was arrested for over 2years now and the government refuses to charge such culprit to the court. Just as the saying goes

An accused remain innocent until when proven guilty by a law court

How then does the saying become applicable for someone kept somewhere without charging him to court.

Another deficiency of rule of law in Nigeria is a situation whereby the government disregards court injunction on any matters that doesn't look palatable to them. This has greatly hamper the growth and development of democracy in the land.

Literally, the rule of law in the country has being a shadow of what it's expected, judges of law courts are now a tools in the hand of politicians and most of them are now slaves to money. There is no more equity, fairness and justice in judgement.


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