Stop electing Lawyers/Attorneys as Senators, Congressmen, Presidents, Parliment, etc.

in law •  5 months ago

We really need to change the type of people we elect to run things. Leadership roles need to STOP being given to Attorneys, Litigators, Lawyers, etc. They are trained with the task of helping their client avoid incriminating themselves. They are trained to lie by omission for their client. They accept retainers to represent people. They defend people even when they know they are guilty.

Corporations and people hire attorneys WHEN THEY NEED THEM. This is how it should be. They should not be the leadership. They should be advisors that are consulted AS NEEDED when it is relevant to their training.

Having such people that are in leadership is proving to be poisonous. If our current global situation is any indicator they have little problem lying to support whatever narrative they desire. It is a path to corruption.

In the U.S. such people should NOT be our Presidents, Senators, or Congressmen.

They should however be our Attorney Generals, Supreme Court Judges, etc. There is a role for attorneys in our governments. It is not a leadership role.

Think about this. I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that lawyers in leadership roles has been a very bad idea.

They may speak great. That is part of their training. They need it to convince juries. That doesn't mean they are not concealing things from the narrative that might change people's minds if they knew all of the facts.

Anyway... I hope you will join me in giving Lawyers a NO VOTE when they are running for such positions. Let them be appointed to the positions where their skills make sense. They do not make sense in a position of leadership.

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Leaders, not lawyers.

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We've had lawyers and attorneys far too long. Everyone knows that they bend the rules rather than follow the rules. Lawyers in office has helped to bring on much of the corruption.


Yes, that is what I am seeing. I do think having them handy as advisors when it is relevant to their field is important. Yet not a good idea for leadership.

I vote for any that are not Lawyers! We need laymen and laywomen, just your ordinary Joe the plumber, the waitress etc.


I'm fine with just about any occupation other than LAWYER or CAREER POLITICIAN. As long as they show they can lead, can deal with some challenging situations and persevere, can negotiate, and can be the peace bringer, as well as not lying down when they should stand up. So maybe not always the layman or woman. Though I'd certainly consider such if they were intelligent, wise, and had shown the ability to lead complex situations.

So far. I like businessmen/women, medical doctors, and actual scientists/engineers the most.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I recall, the number of lawyers in government has been dropping since the 60's. It peaked roughly around that time. If so, I'm not sure if that will solve the problem. (might not hurt) As I understand it, the number of lawyers on the hill are at an all time low. Lawyers or not.. the corruption manifests in many ways. I'll take anyone who is principled and honest, lawyer or not. The environment doesn't seem to lend ifself to attracting people of principle, unfortunately.


I don't know the statistics but I have given it some thought and being an attorney does not mean you are good at leadership. You are however, good at skills and sets of knowledge that are useful to clients.

They do tend to be trained in some skills that are likely useful to politicians, but then again there is a difference between a politician and a statesman. Perhaps the problem is we have too many politicians and not enough statesmen.

With their skills being to help their client not be incriminated as well as convince a jury if it comes to that they are skilled at speech, exploiting the law, and hiding information if they can that could incriminate whomever they choose to represent. This means they are skilled at essentially lying in various fashions. They may be good at countering these types of tactics which makes that useful skills in that arena. That however, is only a facet of what an administration needs to handle and that could be done just as easily by someone with a broader set of skills and interest who simply has someone to advise them on those particular facets.

We seriously have a law issue and seriously need tort reform. How likely is that to happen when those making the decisions make their living based off of the messes that pervade the current ridiculous legal system?

Ha! You can't get rid of cockroaches...... ever....... they'll survive a nuclear blast. Doesn't matter how you vote cause it's always been the candidates provided for you to choose from. Normal folk can't afford to be a part of that club and if they could they wouldn't be normal folk..........


There are often people that run for office that are not lawyers, they just tend to like to force feed us the lawyers.


Amen to that. I find it hard to believe in the system that has been created for we the masses.