DBroze might want to start making buddies with some people in West Texas if you haven't already. :D

Do not forget who signed the rendition of Americans inside of the NDAA. You keep calling the deep state military industrial complex actors "Trump Administration" That is mostly inaccurate. While Trump is currently in charge. Look at all of the bad actors of people below him providing bad advice and the witch hunt of looking for "Russia"

The ACLU has been shredding Liberty with their Partisan P ok litics for decades. Possibly longer.

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Look, you might not want to accept it but Trump is not fighting the deep state. Yes, there is a Russian hysteria narrative that is false, that does not mean Trump is a good guy.

Also, for whatever the faults of the ACLU, they fought for this man.

I do accept that he could do more. I do accept the fact he is playing politics and in doing so reducing his credibility. I just wonder if you accept the fact that more power exists on a local level? You speak as if the current president has support of the justice department. You speak as if he has the power to make law. I believe the next two years will be very telling of our future.

I hope you at least know of the first American citizen assassinated without trial. Or maybe the second American citizen drone struck on a separate occasion. There are many more people in dire straights.

I do not see any of your words mentioning the possible impact of the travel ban from that war torn country. I dont see much information in your article about that citizen and their history. Reading the legal document on page 4 shows a great deal of evidence against him. Bring on the criminal trial or whatever trial. Wish I had the hours it would take to read all of the arguments.

Your last paragraph is in support of alternative media. I will be looking to how you reference alternative media in the future. I doubt there were many alternative media sources available for this story.

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Anyone who says "deep state" with a straight face is a moron

What do you call unelected, unaccountable, and under handed individuals moving up the ranks of power to influence and control democraticly elected officials selected to oversee them? Anyone who calls names of people who state facts are unread, unable to think critically, and in denial. Try listening before speaking. People such as Dwight D. Eisenhower or John F. Kennedy told a telling tale in a short time.

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Deep state is an excuse you morons use to explain Trump's constant failures.

I hope you have lots of RC. I'm done feeding this troll. Obviously he only eats toxins. I cleaned my food and water long ago.

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