Discharge Your Debt! Secret They Don't Want You To Know! Access Unlimited Wealth!

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Yes it's true, you don't have to worry about your debt anymore! You can pay it off or discharge it. You can also be an executor for your ALL CAPITAL NAME and become a creditor and do bonds with only the power of your signiture and more!! In 1871 the Government signed a Contract that turned themselves into a Corporation. Also Research HJR 144 it's a bill that passed that explains more about how the government during 1933 had everyone turn in their gold etc . You also don't have to pay court fees or tickets etc! I'll explain that part later.


Back in 1933 the government was bankrupt so they signed a contract to give the bankers control and to have them hold the gold, so during that time everyone was directed to turn in all their gold for paper federal reserve notes that were not backed by gold but....


...backed by everyones signiture.

They used our signatures as collateral for the USA debt, but they didn't tell us of course because then we would find out that we are the value and not so much the gold. And how we are, and can be, creditors and the controller and executor of the name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

The name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is your fictional corporation that they trick you in believing its you!


So you can be a debt slave so they can make a lot of money off of you. But once you find out who you really are, you win and they lose.

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The name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is called "Capitis Diminutio Maxima" and it can be found on anything issued by the government, the main places are your Drivers License your Social Security Number and your Birth Certificate, your Passport and etc.


1933 we went bankrupt and Congress signed our government to become a Corporation and all the Citizens names into Corporation Fictional Entities. But also made all debt dischargable!

So its our signatures that hold all the value. We have to sign things to do and get things . If we are making a large purchase or if we are writing a check etc we have to sign it, for it to even work.

My journey into learning all of this stuff first started when I came across a video explaining that our Social Security Number is a Secret Bank Account and how you can pay off your debt.



And then I followed the directions on how to use it and then I paid off over $4,000 of debt from about 5 different things. Then I was scared of getting in trouble because I saw two people got arrested for it then, I started to learn all my rights



and I learned who the real criminals were, those same criminals in power that stole our great-grand-parents gold and collateralize everyone's names and put our Birth Certificates on the the NYSE. Our Birth Certificates are worth Millions and as well as our Social Security Number Card!


There is other better ways to pay off the debt, like with a promissory note instead of your Social Security Number that is connected to your Secret TDA Account. After you pay your debt and if its still on your history you can just go to a government credit website to submit a complaint to clear the history that you feel isn't right.

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Recently I learned some even more amazing things that are as deep as... Affidavits, Notices, Injunctions, Creditors, Bonds, Private Trusts, and Promissory Notes!! A Promissory Note is what you would use to discharge any kind of debt and/or pay bills like utilities etc.

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