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We all love holidays! The escape from the mundane day to day routine is the planning and organisation of our next holiday. Looking up flights. Looking up hotels. Looking up deals. Booking days off work, those precious few days where you get to be free from the chains of the work desk... there's no such thing as too many annual leave days! I'll take six months, thank you!

A week is booked off work and the holiday is booked for six months time. Now to save to pay for this holiday. That means, less nights out, less clothes shopping and less eating out. Almost putting life on hold just to completely blow it all in that precious week off! Such is life! We are so damn institutionalised!


Bratteam has booked a week in Las Vegas again. We don't know if you are aware, but Vegas is pretty damn expensive! Yup! Hotels are expensive. Flights are expensive. Eating and drinking is expensive. Well, gambling... that is pretty expensive too! But hell yeah, you really live when you are there! Live in this amazing glittery, sparkling, shining bubble that is. One that you think you would never wanna pop. So... to reallly enjoy the experience, you need to be at least a little bit flush with dosh!


So, bratteam are saving like c-razy! But we are gonna live that week, we are gonna live it real good. Even if we are just eating rice and staring at the wall for the next months... that will be the best week ever and totally worth it, right?

Bratteam x

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