Last Man Standing Results Week 1

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So the results are in from week 1 of last man standing. There were 59 entrants in total . An entry record for last man standing on the Steem blockchain so thanks for everyone that has taken part. Most of you went for Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool while those of you that decided not to pick the top 6 teams ended up in a bloodbath. I was one of those victims but I would have some head on me if I won my own competition so I am glad I went at the beginning. There were 3 dreaded draws which can upset the best teams in last man standing. It was looking like more would be eliminated had not Erikson come on to save Spurs against Villa. In total we had 20 participants knocked out. 33% strike rate in the first round. Typically normal in competitions like this.
@akshaykumar12257 is the guru of the week as he showed he had a massive bengalis to pick little old Burnley who went on to hammer favourited Southampton 3 goals to nil. It was a shrewd move by Akshay who walks proudly into round 2 in the competition.


EntryTeam SelectedResult
@talesfrmthecryptLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@fejalrahemanTottenham HotspurThrough to Round 2
@fredkeseWatfordKnocked Out
@nuralishaikhLeicester CityKnocked Out
@blazingManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@mahtabansari370Crystal PalaceKnocked Out
@obestTottenham HotspurThrough to Round 2
@chekohlerWatfordKnocked Out
@praz735u5Leicester CityKnocked Out
@diogosantosSpursThrough to Round 2
@niallon11BournemouthKnocked Out
@akshaykumar12257BurnleyThrough to Round 2
@rahulsingh25843WatfordKnocked Out
@bil.pragArsenalThrough to Round 2
@melinda010100Leicester CityKnocked Out
@abh12345.sportsTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@blanchyWatfordKnocked Out
@stevelivingstonTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@sm-broManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@musamalijamesTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@shitsignalsTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@zoneboyLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@jarautravelsManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@sports.loverBournmouthKnocked Out
@lemmybeBournmouthKnocked Out
@josediccusLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@madushankaManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@barbadossoLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@shaheerbariLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@fullcoverbettingLeiceister CityKnocked Out
@miniminingArsenalThrough to Round 2
@azadsipahEvertonKnocked Out
@minhaz007ArsenalThrough to Round 2
@deniskjManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@lawleesWatfordKnocked Out
@leedsunitedLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@ritxiTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@giornalistaTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@sinochipLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@oxygen02LiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@daniel-otanielWatfordKnocked Out
@eeeps.sh7BournemouthKnocked Out
@cryptoandcoffeeLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@erikahTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@pataty69LiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@philnewtonBournemouthKnocked Out
@burn-it-downLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@pandaparkerLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@lalupitaManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@zammieTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@pastraneLiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@accountsdumpWatfordKnocked Out
@haseezManchester CityThrough to Round 2
@minhaz007LiverpoolThrough to Round 2
@austin0EvertonKnocked Out
@bodie7BournemouthKnocked Out
@hersi007Manchester UnitedThrough to Round 2
@paaszTottenhamThrough to Round 2
@pastzamManchester CityThrough to Round 2

Next Round

So all you legends that have got through to the next round. I will need you now to pick a team you think will win in the upcoming set of fixtures seen below. Deadline for entries is midnight Friday. Any entry that has not given me their selection I will automatically allocate you a team.
Screenshot 20190812 at 21.42.19.png

Consolation Prizes

Screenshot 20190812 at 22.13.40.png
The people who are knocked out of the competition, keep an eye on the next game of last man standing when this one concludes.
As per usual in our last man standing competition we do like to award all our competitors even if they are dirty losers. So the 20 losers each receive @blanchy.sports special goody bag. In it you will receive some special prizes.
Included in these great prizes are:

  • A one night stay in a hotel of your choice (using your own money). Take 2 nights if you want.
  • A nice warm bath.
  • A leisurely walk down the river of your choice.
  • Take the day off work at your own expense. Relax and go to the cinema.
  • A lie on for an hour or two courtesy of Last Man Standing.
  • A voucher for a massage in your own home. Hand your other half the voucher and they will give you a nice relaxing massage free of charge.

That concludes the first round of last man standing. Congratulations to the 39 winners that are through to the next round. I look forward to hearing your choices for the next round.

Best of luck

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I'm out

Better luck next time man.

Thank you

Sorry to see you go Fred

After the last man, would it start again or would you wait until next season

I run another one when this one ends


Arsenal please then at least if i lose this competition I can take comfort in the fact the Gooners dropped points at home

😁😁 Going down with the ship

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Wow amazing, so can we get to choose the teams for the next round in this comment section?

Correct. Congrats on getting through to round 2

Thanks a lot for hosting

Shit. These are bum fixture this week as no clear and obvious ones. I am going with Manchester City after what I saw of Tottenham last weekend.

I am going with Arsenal. We smash Burnley at home.

Chelsea to beat leceister city

Thanks . first one in hence the upvote!

Yess!!! Second round!! I choose Liverpool

Yay, I'm in for another round!
Sorry to see so many people lose.
Just a heads-up, you have minhaz007 twice with two different teams.

They both won so the disadvantage to slipping through the net is that he will be unable to pick them again. Big disadvantage considering he picked Liverpool and Arsenal. Both top 6 now unavailable for selection

Another tricky week but I am going to have a punt on Norwich picking up their first Premiership win this weekend against Newcastle.

Norwich for me, try and get some dodgy teams off my list early!

Can I choose the same team or do I must change teams??

It cannot be a team you have picked already

ok thanks! I´ll go with: Liverpool


only fun while watching arsenal's game was that i passed in the next round (what a boring game)
Next round Liverpool.

  ·  last month (edited)

Proper blood bath in the first round. It is always best to play it safe for now, so I am going with 'Liverfools' Liverpool..

I go for Everton

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You already selected Liverpool @burn-it-down. You cannot select the same team twice. Choose another please

Ok. Then I will go for Arsenal.

Arsenal is my tip for next round.

Gosh, this is tough, can't back a team with a chance to lose so 'Liverpool' it is

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I chose Everton for second round!!

Wouldn't you know! 😢

Unlucky again Melinda. Maybe next time

Hahaha! Maybe! 😁


Yeah I'm going with Arsenal

  ·  last month (edited)

Wow! I'm really happy to make it to the second round but the week 2 fixtures is a little bit scaring and i think am not going for my first team ;)

My selection: Arsenal


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  ·  last month (edited)

Everton to beat Watford

Arsenal for this week...


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You picked them already @minihaz007. You picked two teams in the last round which I did not pick up on. To be fair to everyone you will not be able to pick those teams again. Those are the breaks.

My pick for this week: Arsenal

I will go Liverpool this time around!!

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I´ll go with Arsenal