Lasse's Angels promotion campaign: Are you an attractive female that would like to make 5000 LASSECASH per post ones a week for 3 months? (Guaranteed, potentially much more if the price of LASSECASH goes up)

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Attractive female and want to be promoting LASSECASH? ( https:/ )

I am now looking for attractive females who I will call Lasse's Angels, who will agree to make a personal post each week for a full upvote of a value ~5000 LASSECASH or around $7 per week for 3 months (exchange rate will variate with the price of LASSECASH).

Please join us at:

Send me a private message in discord, with a picture of you and a little text about you, forinstance where you are from and what you like to tell me other then that.

The posts needs to be real, authentic you, and I hope you will stay at my platform after the 3 months, but that is up to you. You can take the money and cashout or invest in LASSECASH for potentially higher gains and a lot of influence on the platform.

Purpose of LASSECASH: LASSECASH social media with rewards. Rewarding truth content, social interactions and personal posts.

For inspiration of small personal posts check forinstance @soldier , you don't have to make dance videos, I think selfies and text of short posts are good.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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What about attractive cats...or penguins??

Purrfect Lasse Cat

did we really have to go there?!

LOL are you gonna be one of lase angels?


stupid flat earther, doesnt even have teh fuckjing balls to make his scotbot tribe about flat earth, he names it after himself what a meglomaniac self centered fuck

Someone had to step up and clean up this place.

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Downvoted for reward disagreement and poor taste.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I am going to tell @coininstant on you! Oh, I just did! Flagged for being a want to be pimp, in other words disgusting! Calling out the squad...

48 downvotes on this post... theres hope for us yet

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You are in trouble, stop putting this crap in trending.
All you will get is a Nigerian scammer as PR BTW.

new steem.gif

genious! :D

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Real women would never do this sort of thing. Is the only way you can get women to talk to you is by paying them? people like you are the reason women dislike men.

Yeah, not the first time I'm afraid. Good that you haven't seen previous posts ;-)

It is!!!

Downvoting for being blatantly disrespectful to all women here.

Haha. How is this disrespectfull? Theres not a sliver of that here.

How about moving the outrage to real issues here?
Guy looking for attractive women to promote his chain like a million and one other business.

Damn. How everyone likes easy targets and something to be outraged about.

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I don’t understand the outrage either.. many projects on Steem do the same thing. But this is over rewarded and the author has been known to do some very shady things.. so I’m all good to downvote it.. as well as anything else I feel is over rewarded.. but yeah.. no offended outrage needed.

Not only on Steem. This is a legit marketing tactic.
I mean i can speak from personal experience as a self promoting narcisist😂. If you look good that opens doors. People are people.
I mean put yourself in a job interview position with someone with the same qualifications and that someone is 50 pounds overweight.
Who gets the job? Who deserves it?
One is healthy looking taking care of their body and frankly better to look at then someone sweating all over the place dragging one foot after the other. One is full of energy and the other needs to catch a breath after a few steps of stairs.
Some will say:

Well they are equal.

No. Fuck no, theyre not.

I dont really care about the guy. Hes a flat earther, for all im concerned hes a dumbass.
Whats concerning is this PC attitude i see from the community.

Had a long discussion with cryptodrive that finds this demeaning to women. What i think is demeaning to women is men having the gall to tell women what should be demeaning to them.

Yeah the author of this post promoted bitconnect aggressively on steem and never paid back any of his victims here

I was investigating Bitconnect and no one ever invested with my link... just stay away as long as you dont have anything positive to say.

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Is she on drugs?

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What an opportunity! 🙄 (Lasse's Angels? Really? 😂)

Well, you did say attractive so...

Lookin good. Now that is worth a $7 vote fo sho

Why, thank you for your appreciation! 😉😁


My wife escaped the house, oh no, hide your wife, hide your kids lol. I love Gremlins.

Yea, if you want to hire woman go to the streets. Women on the Steem Blockchain aren't whores to be bought. Besides there's a more proper way to do things like this. If you can't be trusted to treat the women you want to work for you, as women and not whores; then how could anyone trust whats coming out of that mouth of yours. THERE'S NO MONEY TO MADE HERE FOLKS JUST A SICK PERVERT FOR KICKS AND NO MONEY, JUST TRICKS!. Besides we have our own porn community. They don't talk like this to woman, about or try to buy. Your despicable and desperate.

I have a wig and a makeup kit. I am sure I could doll myself up for some pretty dope looking pictures.

how about female transvestites who are undergoing the change? is that ok? i have removable boobs and a veejay.

If you need hot models to promote, it must be a shit project. Just saying 🤔

You sure you cant get some hot chics in canna bikinis to promote @canna-curate babe?

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If I shave my legs will I pass?

You shall not.

You shall not pass! Love that scene, all time favourite.

@coininstant this is the stuff you should be flagging. Please.

Not gunna lie this probably shouldn't be on trending.
People are free to do what they want but consider us the community next time you post this.

This is 77.33 that could have been used to promote new Steemians that utilize positive content... I can hear my Grandmother in the back of my head...

"Your mouth needs washed out with soap"

And I say... Good day Sir!

Break out the wallet dude. $7 a week isn't even one piece of avocado toast.

its per post, and paid in LASSECASH which the plan is should go up in value with the promotion.. its is for the entrepreneurial type :)

i respectfully ask you to unvote this with buildawhale, you know this token is a scam. Do it for the team marky.

So much jealousy in this post's comment section... Anyhow thanks for your opinions.. it is just a promotion strategy, woman can voluntarily enter or not, I dont see why half the seem community suddenly hate on me?? Anyhow I must be on to something with so much hate in one post.

@enforcer48 is there anything you can do about getting this off of trending?

Is being flat a requirement or are you ok with some curves?

Hahaha. I see what you did there.

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Curves are fine, as long as it doesnt affect the earth :)...

do you have to be human?

Best thing i have seen on trending in a long time, A job ad!

Yes, humans only. Thanks for your comment, you got a 400 LASSECASH upvote. You can see it on


Shit Post Award.jpg

Downvoted. This post should not be trending. All the downvotes speak very loudly of how the community feels yet it remains on the trending page. Anyone new to the platform will think this post is worth $90+ and the investors in Steem consider worthy content.

@steemcleaners, your services are required.

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Really? Things aren't bad enough around here? This is total horseshit.. very disrespectful. Go find another home for your porn... tyvm.

This is totally inappropriate. This post makes it sound like you might be a human trafficker and dude that isn't cool the community as you can see from the comments are not happy

Thanks for the mention, that stuff is worthy of a flag 🚩

Some people are just deplorable...

What are you suggesting? I'm not at my best in high heals. ;)

lol :)

This needs to be off trending period. Considering what is going on in the world today with the disrespect and objectification of gals (and I ain't the PC type) I find this post crude, rude and just plain nasty!

He has long record of that. In the past it was about flat earth, etc.
Also, some videos about either: being broke or how to earn a lot.

Are you talking about me? I've never made a video about flat earth, being broke or how to make a lot of money - so I presume you are talking about someone else. edit: I guess you were talking about the original poster and not me @gtg. The threads in steempeak are not making it obvious who is talking about who here.

He, @gtg, is not talking about you. Chill brother.

To put it another way - there's an entire porn project - DPorn - I am guessing they intend to pay rewards to people having sex to get them.. Are we going to downvote every post they make forever? Maybe we are.

I agree fully that women's real needs are being heavily denied in society. I'm not 100% sure I understand the purpose of the OP here though - it sounds like he is trying to hire a marketing team specifically of attractive women.. I appreciate this looks a bit creepy, but isn't this done every day by marketing companies?
I don't mind downvoting scumbaggery, though I don't have much to downvote with.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Not asking you to down-vote, asking you to deal with this. There is a reason I voted you my witness, trust. Deal with this post which I perceive to be an insult to the Steem Community as a whole.

Deal with it in your way.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

The greatest sin in my book is indifference.

I really only have the same ability as anyone else to limit the reach of posts - which is to downvote - unless the post breaks laws that threaten Steem, in which case I still don't really have the ability to do anything directly as that situation requires action from the top 20 witnesses.
If I think of anything I will let you know. I just watched some video from the poster and looked at the website, I don't expect many people will respond to the post anyway. Maybe by commenting here it draws more attention and is counterproductive?

Passed it around already my man, thank you😁

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Downvoted for being sexist. :) wow that is so 19...whatever date. We are in the 2000's now, men are more objectified than women. :P

Id love to hear how this post is sexist.
Having too many rewards aside, im really interested to see how this is in any way sexist and demeaning to women.

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Sexist is probably not the right word, more like objectifying woman, I wouldn’t want my daughter sending him pics in DM for example. It isn’t a good look for the trending page, it was funny seeing the responses.

Objectifying? Humans are sexual beings, this is nothing more then playing upon basic human instinct.

An attractive woman attracts attention more easily then a unattractive one. Thats just human nature.
Exactly why lets say, Victoria Angels arent obese unattractive women.

There was nothing disrespectful here, the was nothing sexist here. Simply someone tapping into human nature and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Your outrage is missplaced. If the women aspect of this post outraged you then you should probably move that outrage and flag "human nature" not the guy using it as a legit marketing tactic.

Sorry but i find this white knight, PC bulshit tied into the collective outrage ridiculous and honestly pathetic when you realize the hypocrisy behind these flags.

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Question do you have a daughter? If so what narrative do you want to reinforce in the world she lives in?

What values are you reinforcing here?
That sexuality doesnt exist? That attractive people dont exist? That we shouldnt make the distinction between the "pretty" and the "ugly".
That people shouldnt use their physical attributes to their advantage?
That we should attack those that acknowledge human nature?
That when a guy in a male dominated business like crypto asks to find and pay users of the opposite sex to post on his chain, that he should be attacked for it?
What exactly are the positive values you are reinforcing here?

I see none. All i see is you being outraged at someone for making request for physicaly attractive women because he thinks that will benefit his business or whatnot.
Should he had written: Looking for ugly women? Ugly men?

If its ok to ask for smart women, then its fine to ask for attractive ones.

Both are attributes of us humans and painting a picture that searching for one attribute is somehow valiant and searching for the other is somehow appaling and outrageous is beyond ridiculous.

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Reinforcing that women deserve more dignity than be reduced to selling their bodies.

You def don't want to encourage human nature, base human nature is very animalistic, I come from Africa and have seen and heard about things that are truely shocking, so you don't want to go down the road of encouraging human nature.

Humans should rise above their base instincts through education and evolved thinking.

That we shouldnt make the distinction between the "pretty" and the "ugly".

Yeah well if you notice the world is trying to break free of this convention, media and modelling is leaning towards fuller figures, plus sizes etc. Everyone has value and saying someone is worth more because they are pretty is discrimantory.

This type of ad offended some of the older readers who called on others to do something about it, so clearly it was offensive, maybe subjectively so but offensive none the less.

Just as much as you view the ad poster to be justified, the people outrages are also justified to vote against it, it is their stake and they can choose what they would like to see on trending.

If you have an affiliation to the person posting or to the said project maybe you should disclose that, as that is what it looks like otherwise why would you care to defend it.

I'm trying to look at this objectively.

While lasse could of worded this better, way way way way way way way way way better. His "business opportunity" is very similar to what companies do at trade shows, hiring booth babes. Or companies partnering with instagram models to promote their brand. Or any number of other businesses like, for example, cosmetic companies, that hire super models to promote their brands.

It's my opinion that this is being blown way out of proportion.

Sure I agree, and also agree on second read it isn't that bad, but generally those companies you refer to don't put the job ad out there so distastefully, I'm sure they discretely contact a modelling agency and enlist the girls they want. The community is quite sensitive about what appears on trending and I don't think this was a good showcase for the trending page, if it wasn't voted up out of proportion then it wouldn't have been blown up out of proportion.

The trending page is supposed to be for good curated content, would you expect to see this post on say the front page of Cointelegraph or Coindesk, probably not, so why should it be voted up so much on Steem?

Heya what's up, sadly I'm not an attractive lady :)


You are welcome. I am happy to see that you, along with a number of my other witnesses, have decided to step up and not be...


As a side-note... thank you for all the work that you and others are doing on the STEEM Code. I get notifications by e-mail everyday. Actually, many notifications everyday. Your hard work and that of others does not go unnoticed by a good many of us.

Meanwhile, back in the 1970s...........

So. Much. Cringe.

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Oh! this is for me

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Great meet me in discord and pm me:

I will respond tomorrow, it is getting late here.

@lasseehlers The problem here is that you put just "FEMALE". I guess that you should put "FEMALE/MALE". I thing that if you had used that way the policy of "the politically right" will don't disturb you. From my point of view, your post haven't any photo or samething really disrespectfull and the message appears more like a recrutement job for a woman that will be work in a shopping promoting product just for female. So but reading all comments about this post... I guess that many people here that have power to downvote in they hands (all here have this power) did as Punisher. So intolerance here on Steem as we have in facebook or YouTube based on downvote.

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@opb !vote post 5sbd

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@wandrnrose7 did u really mean to upvote this?

No, I didn't read this, either? @torico. I am part of some autovotes though so it may have been that?

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Let us see. I have a couple of days. Called out the second wave. It will take me a little bit to call out the third wave. We shall see who actually follows me and those that find this post distasteful and a post that should not be trending.

Who actually reads posts and comments and those that just up-vote with no idea of what they are doing. Bless their hearts. That is the way it is done and should not be the way it is done.


Congratulations @lasseehlers!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

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Damn shame @arcange that your bot would promote this garbage.

I can wear a dress if that helps. Shit, ill even put make up on. 😂

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For $7 .. dude raise your standards! Steemmonsters pays pretty ladies more than that.. try there first 😉

Im being realistic. Never try to oversell myself. 😂

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So nothing for guys?

Yes I would.

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This sounds interesting I think I know some ladies that would be interested.

Great let them know :)

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Yes, I have herad of it, it is a clone of P3D. I am not into those types of contracts anymore and your comment is not relevant to this post, therefore I downvoted.

Its a improved version of P3D, a truly decentralized version

No matter I am not into those types of contracts anymore, I now run a social media platform, as you can see :)

I see, Good luck with the venture 👍

Wow.. this is great though it's really going to be challenging but I would love to be part of the challenge.

Great, please send me a message in discord:

I will like to be a part of this 💃🏽💃🏽

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Great, please send me a message in discord:

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So this opportunity only for female?

You can pretend... Im sure you wont be the only one lol.

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I also like the 'potentially' sweetened by 'if' in the title @torico, you totes should apply.

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