LASSECASH token-swapped to HIVE

in #lassecash2 years ago


The token-swap of LASSECASH to the HIVE blockchain is now finalized. LASSECASH is now 100% on HIVE. STEEM is something of the past, something that I think will most likely die, since Justin Sun don't know what he is doing, he is just a kid with too much money.


The market for LASSECASH is now running at Hive Engine, already within the first minute there was a bunch of buy and sell orders.


Remember that LASSECASH reward truth content, social interaction and personal posts. LASSECASH is instant and has no fees. There will only ever be 51 million LASSECASH, remember that when you decide where to invest your money, all other tribes has extreme numbers of tokens for them-self, LASSECASH has a plan and is transparent about it.

2020 will be a good year for crypto currency and for LASSECASH.

Your tribe leader

/Lasse Ehlers