The Truth About Gang Stalking.

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This is the true story about how I was stalked by a deadly gang.
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It all started in Downtown San Francisco. I was walking alone to meet up with my friend by the waterfront. There were these four gangsters by their car. I knew If i just walked by and didnt say anything ,nothing bad would happen . It was the middle of summer and the streets were packed. Heres the crazy thing though... They were blasting 80s music like Whodini and doing Crazy dance moves with their arms and legs like a robot.

"Hey white boy." I was staring at them without even realizing it. Now here's the crazy part... This one dude stands up with the boombox and turns off the music. Then he presses another button and BOOM theres like a million voices in my head talking about the "New World Order" and how I am a chosen elite now.

The gang was actually sending messages straight into my skull. After about 5 minutes the man pressed "stop" and set down the boombox. He then played "white lines" by Grandmaster flash. I ran. They jumped into their car and followed me.

I could have sworn they didnt see me go into my apartment but they ended up stalking me for weeks. They would smoke blunts and shoot messages into my skull. The voices would tell me that white people are wack. Also about how Black Freemasons are the best Masons. They told me about how Kanye would be president and Trump would run as VP under him. They told me hoe once Gangs rule the world... Jazz will be banned. Im not sure what was true and what was fiction. They used this technique a lot.

Eventually I had to move. The Activity virtually stopped when I left California. I believe Cali is a hub of minority gangstalking activity.A dark wing of the Samsung electronic company manufactures these illegal torture devices built into boomboxes.All of this activity is highly illegal, but there are agencies involved so if you report the gangstalking it will happen more. I did manage to take ONE photo of my stalkers {above}.

You can clearly see the faces of FOUR stalkers.

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hahahah those stalkers look too much like someone I know from the Chicken Coop. Nice story!

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@a1-shroom-spores, It's reflecting and sounding as you've faced real tough time. Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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