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I know that many of you come to this page to write content and get rewards. But I usually come to get an inside on the industry, in this case I mean getting to know what programs are paying, what programs are worth to devote some time and our money.

I have worked with some profit share and hyip programs that at the end the site is there, but nothing more, and few months later no even the domain is there. A completely waste of time.

I know that, contrary to facebook and other social pages, in this program there are many crypto defenders, that know this website, Genesis-Mining, which I can see each day paying less and less. First it was their system, then it was the coin difficulty to mine, then the high fees for transactions and now everybody is saying that because of the holidays there are some delays. I have been with Genesis since April, and I have received no one single satoshi from the two year contract I made mining Ethereum. I everybody having the same problem. I try to allocate other coins, including Steem, and I have only received a little bit of z-cash, which two months ago I was receiving it daily and now is like twice a week.

The other thing, I am noticing is that each time I try to get to know what's going on, they have the same answer: get more hash power by buying or bringing more people. I am the kind of person that I do not refer people to any site until I see results. So if I do not see my money and earnings, I won't try to promote the link because then I am going to lose my money, my time and my friends.

I just want to know if I am the only person having these bad experiences with Genesis or there are other similar cases.


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