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Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, 68 kilometers from Guangzhou City. The religious culture of Xiqiao Mountain is a blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Xiqiao Mountain has a long history, deep cultural heritage, and ancient ethnic customs. It is a national key scenic spot, a national AAAA tourist area, a national forest park, and a national geological park.

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Xiqiao Mountain is an extinct volcano with a history of 45,000 years, is the earliest stone tool manufacturing site in the prehistoric period of South China, forming a unique "Xiqiao Mountain Culture", pioneering the Pearl River civilization

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Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Spot is one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong, enjoying the honors of National AAAA Tourist Attractions, China National Forest Park, China National Geological Park, National Key Scenic Spot, "Lighthouse of Pearl River Civilization", etc.
西樵山风景名胜区是广东四大名山之一,享有国家AAAAA级旅游景区、中国国家森林公园、中国国家地质公园、国家重点风景名胜区、“珠江文明的灯塔” 等荣誉

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The lotus throne of Guanyin, surrounded by water on all sides and reached by four bridges, means "four directions of pure land, eight virtuous drinks of water, four sides of the path", the holy realm of Buddha观音圣像莲花宝座,四面环水,有四桥通达,寓意“四方净土、八功德水、四边阶道”的佛界圣境

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The statue of the Buddha, made of bronze, sits on top of Daisy Peak at an altitude of 292 meters, with a height of 61.9 meters, making it the tallest seated statue of Guanyin in the world.菩萨圣像,铜质,端坐海拔292米的大仙峰顶,圣像通高61.9米,是世界上最高的观音坐像

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Stone relief carving "Nine Dragons for Good Fortune" in the center of the stone steps of the lotus platform莲台石阶中央的石浮雕 “九龙腾祥”

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Stone relief "Auspiciousness"石浮雕 “吉祥如意”

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The wishing tree in the Lotus Terrace scenic area is hung with wishing floats莲台景区的许愿树上挂满了许愿飘带

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At the top of Daisy Peak in Xiqiao Mountain, Lotus Terrace Scenic Area has
Buddhist pagoda在西樵山大仙峰顶,莲台景区有

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Pictures at the top of the Tai Sin Peak in Xiqiao Mountain, Lotus Terrace Scenic Area在西樵山大仙峰顶,莲台景区留影

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On the front of the Lotus Terrace photo wall, there is "Nanhai Guanyin Cultural Garden" written by Zhao Puchu在莲台照壁正面,有赵朴初书写的 “南海观音文化苑”

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Take a picture in front of the big pagoda at Liantai Scenic Area in Xiqiao Mountain在西樵山莲台景区大牌坊前拍照留念

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A distant view of Guanyin's holy statue远眺观音圣像

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Scenic view of Tiantai Scenic Area莲台风景区风光

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Xiqiao Mountain is an extinct volcano that has been dormant for billions of years, and Tianhu Park is located in the northwest of Xiqiao Mountain, which was originally an ancient volcanic crater with beautiful natural scenery西樵山是一座沉寂了亿万年的死火山,天湖公园位于西樵山西北部,原是古火山口,自然风光美不胜收

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Tiantai scenery scenery莲台风景区风光

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Shiyan Rock Scenic Area In the southeast of Xiqiao Mountain, its main landscape is the site left by the ancient quarry石燕岩景区 在西樵山东南部,其主体景观为古采石场留下的遗址

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Shiyan Rock is the essence of the scenic spot and the masterpiece left by ancient quarrymen. The mouth of the cave is flat and round like a lip, and the inner entrance is wide enough to accommodate a thousand people石燕岩是该景区的精华,也是古采石匠留下的杰作。洞口扁圆如唇,内进宽广,可容纳千人

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About 8 feet high, the mushroom stone is a huge conglomerate tuff block collapsed from the mountain. Its roots have been eroded by the erosion of water for a long time so that the upper part is wide and the lower part is sharp, and the four eaves hang down, resembling a mushroom, which can shelter the wind and rain.冬菇石,高约8尺,是从山上崩塌下来的巨大角砾凝灰岩块。其根部受长久流水冲刷侵蚀,上广下锐,四檐垂下,形似冬菇,下可蔽风雨

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In the southwest of Xiqiao Mountain, there are famous attractions such as the Sifang Bamboo Garden, which is famous for planting Sifang Bamboo everywhere.西樵山的西南部,有著名景点有四方竹园,四方竹园以遍植四方竹而闻名

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It is unique to Xiqiao Mountain, and if it is moved out of the garden, the bamboo will return to a round shape in less than three years.四方竹是国家重点保护的珍贵观赏植物,它是西樵山特有的,如迁离本园,不出三年,竹身便会回复圆形

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