English's closest relative is a language called Frisian

in languages •  11 months ago

Frisian is the language outside of the British Isles that is the closest relative of English

It is my kat
It is my cat

It is in griene doar
It is a green door

Ik haw brea
I have bread

Ik hear dy
I hear you

Wat is jo namme
What is your name

English diverged a lot after the Norman invasion and Frisian has been influenced by Dutch, but even a thousand years later, we can still see both are very much Germanic and are very similar in some sentences

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Cool stuff!

really interesting post thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Thanks for pointing that out. When you hear Frisians talk you would never guess that to be so, in my opinion. Frisian has similarities with low German as well.