I love Pandunia!

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Hi my friends. okay, This is my work, I did this in Minecraft yesterday. You can see "Pandunia". maybe you never heard about Pandunia, But I should say it is the most wonderful project in the world about communication.
Okay, what is Pandunia and why do I love it?
Pandunia is a artificial language which is done for easy international communication. For learning Pandunia you don't need to drown in grammar or verb conjugation. It is a project which doesn't sound like a language even for me. I see it like an application, like crazy wonderful project because I don't find thousand grammar laws or endless words in a Pandunia. I learned Pandunia just during one night (a wonderful and unforgettable night, Because I knew my favorite project). So you can see there is nothing like 2 mounts sitting in a language class or reading a big book about grammar. Pandunia is so easy to learn. So I can't even call it a language but it works even better than another languages.
Other reasons for my love: Pandunia's words are from many languages, not only from European languages. For example, In Esperanto (another famous artificial language) you should only learn European words. I can't find so many words for example from Chines language or Arabic. But in Pandunia yes. for example: ama (but) from Turkish, habar (news) from Malay, safar (travel, journey) from Arabic and so on.

Here you can read more about Pandunia's vocabulary: http://www.pandunia.info/english/loga.html

and you can even start learning Pandunia's with http://www.pandunia.info

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Kial vi ne priskribis esperante sed uzis "esperanto" etikedon?

hm, ĉar mi skribis esperanton ene de la artikolo, ĝi iel estis rilata, cetere, laborante pri pandunia, krom la angla, esperanto ankaŭ sufiĉe estas uzata. Mi en mia cerbo ne povas distingi ilin du ĉar mi vidas Pandunian iel kiel sekvo de Esperanto.

this is great