myself #74 : my German : Love how to not be stupid?

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1 . Listen to men, must listen to all, do not listen half-hearted. If they say "I love you" do not believe it but wait for the time to follow the next sentence is "but he also loves her". If men say "I'm tired" do not rush into interest, but to understand the implication behind "Because you put all your heart into someone else".

If men say "Do not wait for me" do not think that they are worried for you but to understand the latter is "Because you will not return".

2 . Choose a man to start a relationship, no matter who he is, where he is and what he does, it is important to be at the side to have a sense of peace, that is enough.

3 . If you love someone who is playful, absolutely do not wait for the night, do not expect yourself to be a sacrifice that makes them feel. If you wait too long, will give birth to a sense of familiarity and boredom, as if everything is inherent, and they do not cherish. The longer they wait, the better they will sleep. Instead, they will sleep on the bed, because the man is that, the more you mind, the more superficial, if you are heartless, they will mind.


4 . The girls always ask, "If the man betrayed, should he forgive?" Just think, can you share a bowl of rice with strangers, dare to share your husband, wear pants together or not.

5 . Love smartly, and do not be afraid of failure. I once said, on the road to happiness, you will stumble on three bad guys, but do not give up the joy.

6 . When meeting your lover, absolutely not be embarrassed or hated, absolutely must always smile, smile is the best weapon for the situation. How brilliant you are, the more you value yourself. Confused because you are scared, but hate just shows you are worried about their past.

Absolutely never allow the beauty of man to hold, or hold a love affair. If you bring your own beauty to the betting, you will only get back to the feet in the middle of the pants, not the sincerity you want.

7 . If your man wants to leave to go to the other side, absolutely do not pull. Because if they want to go, pulling is also useless, because this life just want to keep true, but honestly or sincere also have not retained a retention.

8 . Tears of a woman are only valid when the man is emotional, absolutely meaningless if they are out of love. So the moment of separation, absolutely do not shed tears, because if they really love you, they will not let you cry.

9 . Sentiment is no different from playing cards, if you are dealing with bad cards, do not be afraid to surrender. If you encounter bad men, do not give up, if they want to play, play with them to the end. Let them see the gentleness of you, let them die in the sweet nectar without knowing it.

10 . Life is never flat, want to survive in the world to learn ruthless. You can trust the person you love but can not guarantee the personality of everyone in the world. Your man can only hug you, but a lot of people want to give him a hug, so never just show yourself high, you're not cruel, you can not survive. Waiting for your man to act, you must know well.

11 . When men say, "You and her are not related." Actually it is "You and her have relationship as you think".

Men remember, when women ask, they definitely have the answer, so be honest, absolutely do not lie. Because sin will be many times heavier, sincerely forgiving than lying to lie far away.

12 . Love does not promise much, promise as much do not get much, go on how much to go, be any day or day, promise to go away to the fork, Every day or day, because there is no one who has a lifetime.

13 . Women are very good at recognizing the irregularities of men. When you make mistakes, you try to be as calm as you can. Good women recognize the change in a relationship, so eating the edge cleanse is still detectable, just sooner or later.

14 . Do not expect anyone to focus on you, because even if you sometimes forget yourself yourself, do not expect anyone to remember.

15 . Women are not different flowers, brilliant when meeting people to enjoy, and flowers are only flowers when meeting the blind.

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