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The greatest invention of people is the use of language. People are ahead of other animals because of their main knowledge of language. Civilization has been developed and developed through the use of language. People have become famous by the use of language, ethnically developed. If Socrates was unprofitable, Galileo would not have died in that way if he could not speak about his faith. Without a language, no scripture or philosophy would have been born. If not in the language, Shakespeare, Homer, Milton, Rabindranath, Gayatay, Hemingway, Tolstoy and many other world-renowned poets-writers. If we do not have language, we did not know Plato, Freud, Darwin, Karl Marx. All the world's fighters including Lelein, Gorky, Gandhi, Mandela, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, have been stirring through the language. To make it clear more clearly - Martin Luther King's history-speech- 'I have a dream'; Or the 7th epic speech of the racecourse of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 7 - 'The struggle for freedom to save the struggle, this struggle has become the struggle for independence'. It has given way to the liberation of human beings, through the use of language only. Again, using this language, Hitler managed the world's worst massacre. Numerous war has happened. So it seems that the language is the main tool of man, and the main slope too. Needless to say, the history of the world would have been different when people were speechless.

Galigalj is a language used. It can be used as a synonym for gale - piety, slang, blasphemous, obscene words, quarrels, bad mouth; Which is called in English - slang, slanguage, informal words, verbal violence / war In the Historical Dictionary of American , it is said that, 'Slang is lexical innovation within a particular cultural context.' Microsoft Encarta 97 Encyclopedia says, 'slang can be described as informal, nonstandard words or phrases, which tend to originate in subcultures within a society.' According to Wikipedia , 'Slang is the use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker's dialect or language. The Columbia EncyclopediaAccording to the abuse often - 'well developed in the speaking vocabularies of cultured, sophisticated, linguistically rich languages.'

Galangalaj creates adverse reactions to people but there is no way to deny the necessity of the case. From the day people have learned to use language, they started abusive language. However, the language is not based on language, culture-dependent. And the language is always contextualized or applied-related, in this case, it works as an intensifier for the abuse language. For this reason, the type and type of abuse is different from society, place and time. There is an excerpt of the recitation of one place as abuse in another place. For example, 'fag' means cigarette in the UK, but 'fag' in the United States refers to homosexuality. Again, Americans do not abuse 'bloody' but they are labeled as slaves to the British. The term 'Khasi' is used as a slang in different places of Bangladesh, especially in the rural areas of Meherpur. In 'friends' or 'informal' chat with friends, 'ass' If you do not remember the word 'kutty', the word 'kutty' will be considered as abuse if you use it in adults or in formal meetings. Again what is said to uneducated people of society, it is often termed as abuse by educated people. For example, the people of the lower classes used the word 'Maghi', 'Bhata', 'Minse' in general, but they are used in the educated society or in standard language of malice. Gender differences can be seen in gender. In the general chat of men, many words are used, which are identified as abuse of women. For example, hudaya, cocktail, grow, bakchod etc. The term 'mince' generally uses harhamesa, but these words are used in the educated society or as a standard variety of language abuse. Gender differences can be seen in gender. In the general chat of men, many words are used, which are identified as abuse of women. For example, hudaya, cocktail, grow, bakchod etc. The term 'mince' generally uses harhamesa, but these words are used in the educated society or as a standard variety of language abuse. Gender differences can be seen in gender. In the general chat of men, many words are used, which are identified as abuse of women. For example, hudaya, cocktail, grow, bakchod etc.

The words that are used as slang are found to be seen, most of them are the animals or those we call the lower creatures; For example, the peacock, scion, donkey, goat, poultry, pigs, corsets, owl, mas (buffalo), bhum, bandar etc. Some come from negative words or negative words; For example- Faluta, Leo, Fool, Fool, Happa, Mortal, Rotten, Pag, etc. Some come from the disease's name and physical defects; For example - crazy, cholera, tuberculosis, spring, epilepsy, jinadharra, kana, khoda, kala etc. Some come from lower class or unrecognized profession; Such as thieves, robbers, coolies, mutters, potions, scavengers etc. Some come from relationships; For example: Shala, Shali, Sumundi, Satin, Magh, Bhata, Shala / Halar Patt / Put, Nung, Bhai Bhatari etc. Some come from human genitals; For example - Bal, Grow, Bhoda etc. There has been a lot of abuse in Bangla; For example - Mother-Fakar, Hell, Bastard, Fraud, Dam, Forbidden, disbelievers, satans, cousins ​​etc. Many negative or cynical names of history, literature or myths are used as slang; For example, Mir Jafar, Golam Azam, Hitler etc. Many times the name is corrupted by distorting or altering the original sounds, such as ratt na (rat), pot la (patal), khaga (khagen). Again, through the new coinage, some literary slogans are brought; As Shakespeare did. Again, many words are not considered indecent in the etymological sense, but they are considered as abuse; For example, organisms, peasants etc. The word 'Magi' is derived from the etymological meaning of women. But in a practical sense or man's language, it is considered to be a synonym for women or prostitutes. The word 'clown' means the farmer, that is, the farmer, but the word is used as a slang. Slogans are created through sentence formation; For example, I'll get your pocket in money, Kicking in your money kills / ruins. Again, some words are used as cursings to curse; For example, you are a desolate, you are my darling, you are my dying. Women do more such type of abuse.

This is not the case of abuse that is always indicative of indecent words. It depends on how the word is used, for which purpose. The indecent word may not be considered abuse, but the use of decent words may be considered as abuse. For example, when it is being said, 'Be careful while walking around the house.' Then the word 'whore' is not used as abuse. But when it is said, 'You are a species of a harlot', then the word 'whore' is termed as malice. In the educated society, there is more tendency to malign the words. For this reason, the linguistics should be good. For example, Rod Marsh once said to Ian Botham at the cricket ground, 'Hi Yan, how are your wife and my kids?' Botham said in reply, 'The wife is good but the kids are all grown up being crippled!' 4 It does not abuse the speech or verbal war, it sounds like a good sound.

One of the main reasons for the use of these words as abuse is the limitations of the language of the people. People have to take refuge in different types of images to express their diverse feeling. Slang is basically a metaphorical representation of languages. For example, he is a genius, a man who is bitten like a dog (metaphor). The linguistically purified government said, "If the owl is the metaphor of physical analogy, it will be a mental metaphor of mental symptoms." [ Bangla Gulagal's linguistics: holy government ] According to Pet Hughes, 'Slang is a non-standard language composed of exaggerated metaphors'. [Slang and Politics: Pat Hughes] KG Chesterson said, 'all slung is metaphor and all metaphor is poetry' | [Why People Use Slang: Kelly Fox] The reason that

linguists have found the difference between abuse and poetic language is that Metaphor's character is one and the same in both places.

Gallic use in literature is especially remarkable. Some of the novels have been banned due to excessive abuse. Literary handicap has been imported by every kind of abuse. For example, the Greek Drama 'Lisissratata' was discussed for additional open language or bawdy language. Many people including Taslima Nasrin, Humayun Azad have been accused of abusive Bengali literature. Let's see- 'I will return the job of Haramajadar if I give fifty lakhs; Mother will give up, the boy has deposited millions in a few years ... .... [ Pak manaffe sadd: Humayun Azad ]

The use of gali in the current film has reached the final stage. English movies are ahead of all in this direction. The words 'Mother Fakker', 'Fak', 'Fakad Up', 'Sun of a Beech', 'Sakar', 'Bladi Hale', 'Dick', 'Aaj-Hole' are being used as slogans. For example, 'mother fucker snakes in the mother fucker plain!' At 9 Bangla movies, the use of obscene words was finally reached. Currently due to the activities of the censor Board, it has reduced considerably. When Bangla film does not use any language like English movies, then it does not use slang. Generally, only villains have heard the abuse. Some of the bad things used in Bangla movie are: Haramjada, Haramkhor, Shuar Kiya, Kutter Kachchcha, Natti Khel / Chawal. For example, 'The boys of this bed, who should teach the konakira polar to IB. Halar po 'Do not let me sleep!' 10

The use of Gali is now noticeable in sports. This abuse is done to interfere with the psychological unrest or attention of the opposite players. It is worth noting that the most popular sports, starting from football, playing the gentleman's game on the Hall, is also used as a target to play cheats. This is called sledging in the game. For example, once a bowler said to the batsman, 'If you can hit a six, then you will get whatever you want!' In reply, the batsman said, 'go and tell your wife to be ready for bed!' Symonds and Harbhajan are all known to be abusive about each other as 'Mankey'.

The language works as a 'class agent'. Therefore, due to the differentiation of the economic condition of society, there is a difference in the gender. Of course, the economy determines all other things as well as determines the language of the people. Those people who are occupying high places in the society or who we are saying high are using different types of abuse to the lower class or the working class in the least. With the working class in Bangladesh, the class speaks a very bitter language. Even the rickshaw pullers, all the people of the house of the clerical workers are acknowledged in this language-discrimination. It is also a kind of social crime.

The language also acts as a 'gender agent'. Looking at the slurs used in our daily lives, we can see that the corruptly are acting as a tool of manhood. In the society, 'Sun of a Beach', 'Mother Fakar', 'Mother Chaut', 'Slut', 'Nati', 'Khanaki', 'Maggi', 'Harmazadi', 'Chinkal', 'Nachar,' 'Nang-Kundani ',' Bhudai 'etc. are used most. The abuse of mother and sister has turned into a fashion.

There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the abuse of the society. Some people think that the law should be banned in public places. Some people think that by spoiling beauty and purity in the language of gali, it should be truncated from the language. Inadequacies may create adverse reactions in society; But it is a matter of concern that people have become very civilized, civilization has come into today's situation by thinking and thinking. But it was not possible to abolish the fetus, but in the era, new utility was created in the era, new garbs were created. Then it is acknowledged that the essential aspect of the cow has saved him. It can be seen that the language does not ruin the beauty of the language, but it makes the language more picturesque. Lively-active language makes the language. If there was no abuse, the biggest loss would be: Physical conflict of human life increased manifold or physical conflicts multiplied. People did not get angry because of language or expression and they would jump on one another. The work that was made effortless as 'Haramkhor, a pig baby', was used to carry the staff. The chaos increased several times. However, the possibility that abuse may be the cause of chaos and physical anger may not be ruled out.

One of the most effective means of expressing anger or anger is the abuse. If someone is angry at someone, they molest the mind or mitigate the emotional tension. In this case, the work of inadvertent medicine. Because, if people can not express their anger or extreme feelings, according to Freudian theories, they will cling to the subconscious mind and once they have full power, attack them on the mind. This can cause mental problems of people. Not just anger, there is no garland to express love. According to a study, most of the people killed many men and women in the extreme moments of sexual intercourse with a lot of indecent words or slogans and their excitement increased manifold. One of the foremost writers of world literature, James Joyce Reading the letters between Joyce and his wife, it is understood that the slang or galiwasas were one of the main means of expressing their love. Joyce wrote to his wife Norra in a letter:

'My sweet little whorish Nora I did as you told me, you dirty little girl, and pulled myself off twice when I read your letter. I am happy to see that you like being fucked arseways ... Goodnight, my little farting Nora, my dirty little fuckbird! There is a lovely word, darling, you have to be underlined Write me more about that and yourself, sweetly, dirtier, dirtier

a lot of time on the relationship between the grandfather and the grandson of the relationship murubbira chokaradera fun with abuse. Children are called grave - Bandar, Paji, Shaitan, Chichu, Nadhu, Buka etc. Children are called in English with love - Little rascal, little scamp, little devil Many people consciously make fun of family or friends for fun. That is why it is called 'humors are nothing but slang

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