the magic of the crystal desert

It rains more than you know in parts of Antarctica

Or more poetically, the Crystal Desert. It is stunning with countless landscapes that constantly are altered by the ever fast changing weather conditions you experience when adventuring the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica is known as the coldest, driest & windiest continent on earth; however, on the peninsula it actually rains, snows and hails quite consistently even during its summer months.

The previous statement refers to the overall average of the entire continent, which is a massive chunk of land and well.. ice too; however, the coastal region of Antarctica weather and the precipitation amounts are far, far higher than what we consider to be a dry region. This is one thing a lot of people first notice when they reach the peninsula for the first time, especially, when a rain storm hits with intensity. One thing is for sure though is that the peninsula landscape is breathtaking no matter if the sun is shining, the snow is falling or the overcast skies darkening the ever present glaciers

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Nice photography.. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed


Thanks very much! I am glad you enjoyed reading the post, as much as I did making it

Beautiful image, Thomas. I'd love to get an opportunity to photograph Antarctica one day. Both serene and stark..


Thanks, Revo! I hope the opportunity arises sometime soon for you to experience the crystal desert

I never thought that Antarctica, being one of the coldest continents, could become one of the driest ones, I find this very interesting


It is very true! When you get towards the actual South Pole in the middle of the continent it is dry and incredibly windy.

Holy crap- this is gorgeous!!


It is one heck of a beautiful landscape down there. Indescribable !

Look at that magnificent landscape! If you ever need a an extra photographer on a research trip, i'm in ;) hahaha


haha! I will let my head bosses know that you are available for the upcoming season.


haha! Perfect!

Beautiful, absalutely stunning.


Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the post

glory to GOD

in my opinion.postingan you are very cool and good, in addition tu useful for me and for all colleagues steemit.dan hopefully your post will be better again amiin thanks for the postingannya.