Summer time down south

When you think summer you think warm, sunny beaches, a drink in hand and fun long days with good friends. However, deep down south it is a little different with lots of snow, ice and at times sunshine but things can change quite quickly to appear not so summer-like.

At times storms will come in with little to no warning, which does mean for quite an unique and powerful view of what this intense landscape can be really like when it comes to weather. Antarctica is well known as the coldest and driest continent in the world and this is true when it comes to the average of the entire continent. However, on the peninsula it can rain, hail and snow quite regularly, as it is more of a coastal marine weather region.

The beautiful thing about this photo is that there is no wind, as we were protected as we were entering Neko Harbour, which was packed with a heap of ice that makes it close to impossible to get a ship in

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i will always be a fun Thomas....i will always use as a background on my laptop one of your photos!!!


Thanks a heap, mate! that made my day!!


That is awesome! Greatly appreciated @photofeed

Wow!! Truly amazing. No wonder mother nature is the most beautiful thing we have.
A picture that can be my Laptop wallpaper.

Booooom! look at that. yet again, smashed it! Beautiful composition... great lines and tone. Also I am really curious... have you thrown a line in and caught any fish down there?