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Location: Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island, Philippines
Photographer: Steffen Engman
Resolution: 5184 × 2920
Camera: Olympus OMD EM-1 Mark II
Lens: Olympus M. Zuiko Digital 12-40 mm
Category: #landscapephotography

Keywords: Image, photo, illustration, photography, free, download, creative commons, cc, photographer, steemit, steem, landscape, landscapephotography, beach, sunset, rocks, ocean, water, hdr, philippines, paradise beach, bantayan, cebu


I am Steffen, amateur photographer and crypto/blockchain enthusiast. I love taking photos of pretty much everything. Because of SteemIt I can now give you my photos for free, and at the same time get compensated for my work.

Download the photography and use it for whatever purpose you want, including commercial.

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beautiful sky shot 👍

Thanks :)


I appreciate it, thanks :)

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wow philippines is a great place to find beauty of nature. these look magnificient and they are even more beautiful in reality i guess. followed you friend. upvoted and resteemed.