Kiss of Light

in #landscapephotography4 years ago (edited)

Just a touch of light on the mountains and the tree, just make me feel so good to capture such a moment. Love light, may be even in love with light.


Thanks for reading.


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wonderful view!!! I've upvoted and follow you :)

The photo gives such strong impact. This photo that you took with your camera @scottdphoto is an art that gives such great moments captured and freeze for everyone to enjoy. The hues of blue, the mountains, the trees, the snow and most of all the "kiss of light" gives such drama. Photography really is an art of observation and being able to see and capture the magical moments.

I totally agree with you!

This is so nice photo! It can be a post card

kiss of light !! great name for this shot ! and it's actually like painting ! colorful and amazing ! It's look like the paintings of Bob ross , lol :)

Really, it really looks like a painting by Bob Ross, excellent photography

Excellent photo!

its really a beautiful photo ,you did it nicely ,lights on trees impress everyone

not everyone can enjoy the beautiful light, you are very lucky to enjoy it, aceh-indonesia and warm regards from us.

Love it! Thanks for the memory...

beautiful landscapes!
snow and trees are a great sight!

Love your photo, and desription

I love the contrast of going from the shadows to the light. I think you captured a truly magical moment!

Beautiful shot, the light moving over the tree tops from the sun rising behind a mountain is always a beautiful sight, especially when you know the warmth it brings to the chilly high altitude air.

It is a wonderful photo, I love winter because the nature is amazing!

Beautiful Photo! Love the name, and the angle you took this photo changed the entire scene for the better! Great job.

Wanted to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the snowy mountains and playing games there. But unfortunately, in my country there is no snow. @scottdphoto

What a beautiful landscape! Where was it taken at? :)

my wonderful wintertime friend. I was atmofere and moody. like fairy tales. successful settings and extraordinary framing. I congratulate you.

Wow ,excellent photography,,,nice and beautiful photo,,,thank you my friend

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Love that as the sun just comes up over the mountains. Best part of the winter is that we get a few extra hours of dark before sunrise. Those summer mornings are difficult to get shots like this unless you're up at 3am :)

Stunning photo!

What state is this in?

I hate the cold and the snow, but I cannot deny the beauty of it, especially when so perfectly captured. <3

Nature is great! ...

Stunning Capture 😍


What a great image, beautiful photo, upvoted thank you!

Es una hermosa foto

Congrats on such a nice photo. I wish I lived near mountains like that. Very nice!

Nice one man, I posted a sunrise image today too!

Thanks for the sharing! :)

This is really a beautiful shot. I am happy you captured it too. :-)

Very interesting hues of blue in Canada... :)

OOOOO beautiful views. Great job, buddy :)

Beautiful scenery I congratulate you great photo

Gorgeous scene! any tips for a newbie like myself when it comes to this platform? thanks in advance!

Utterly love this! I miss the mountains so much!

Great shot ! make sure to check my profile for upcoming photographs.

OMG, this is a very beautiful picture. It reminds me of saint Catherine which is a place in my home country Egypt. I'll post a picture for comparison. Love the pic...


It's a nice picture ever i see..When light come darkness has gone..Light is our hope.

This is absolutely beautiful..Nice shot

Light is indeed life. Very nice moment.

Awesome photo, i am upvoting and following

Beautiful landscape. Awesome shot

beautiful view, i upvoted u! :)

Gorgeous, love the blue tones!

Amazing photo!

Nice work! I love how the light yields blue tone. It sets the winter mood very nicely.

That’s a great photo. I’m sure I’ll see it among the winners.

Great the colors and atmosphere.

Wonderful snowy fairytale in the mountains! Light is so beautifuly touching trees and the tops of the mountains ^-^! Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo! I want to walk around this place :)!

Wow. Beautiful.

I like how you named the post.

cool photo, well done ...the light is incredible, big fan of light here too

beautiful snow pic! upvoted and follwed. please check out my post

Very beautiful photo!

nice winter world

I literally can feel the cold and clear air... Very nice shot!

amazing photo, congrats on being a winner once again.

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