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The harvest is already done and crops are safely in the bins.

I know that canola fields are more attractive for photographers and viewers but for me, the wheat field is a real sign of abundance and richness.


This is my submission for @juliank photo contest - Landscape photography.

It was taken in September 2012 in Alberta, Canada with Samsung WB700.

It seems steemit is working better now. Our bosses and important members are gathering in Lisbon. We hope for some good news.

Have a successful week, my friends.


The post is very good and so with the wonderfully beautiful natural appearance. where I have not yet harvest still waiting a few more weeks. we are here to grow rice instead of wheat, if there is time to visit my blog once. thank you for sharing friends @oldtimer

I can fantasize about riding a flying carpet over the tops of that wheat, can't I?

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awesome capture. you are very lucky to witness such wonderful field.

Nice harvest field photo shot you sharing @oldtimer,.
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The contrast of the green against the yellow is very nice ! Let's hope we will see the same kind of abundance on steemit as on the canola fields !

the lovely wheat fields

is the picture a harvested crop?

how long usualy take the wheat to be harvested?

Wow ! extraordinary photography

Beautiful @oldtimer! Have a fantastic week!!

Beautiful! I visited Canada over 20 years ago in the Montreal area. I was amazed at all the flowers and how lush it was (this was in June). I guess I had always thought of it being cold and snowy :) BTW, I saw you visited and up-voted my entry. Thank you for that!

Great photo @oldtimer. Wish you a successful week too.

I like this landscape picture :-)

Very nice photography!thanks for sharing @oldtimer

wow!! so beautiful. have a nice day...

all we needed was an update next time to know if steemit is having road work. In any case good luck on the contest!

When I was younger I used to sit by the wheat field side where new wheat seeds were sowed and drive away the birds. Mostly in early and before sunset because these time usually birds flock used to come searching food. Nostalgic time!

By the way , nice photography.

photo contest nice

Hiii....Very nice [email protected],u also have a fantastic week

Weather is dreadful outside, even have moments of snowing already. Your picture brings back warm memories of late summer to start the day with a good mood :-)

Peddy fields are ready to be cut, nice click

Almost each and every photography is beautiful !
Nicely taken shot buddy

This is awesome landscaping.
Please I'd like to see more of these photos.

Wow your choice for the outskirt looks so great, i love this so much

Beautiful wheat field... I prefer it too. The breadbasket of a country! Yes, Steemit is working much better now just in time for Steemfest... that is a relief... I hope to hear good stuff about it. Thank you for the whopper (^) yesterday!

Your photos are like beautiful poetry. This reminds me of childhood when my father led me to the village. Thank you for these beautiful moments @oldtimer

Crafty landscapephotography from your side. I always believe nature has its own beauty and attraction. Your natural work is out standing. Thanks for sharing such classy work.

Canola fields are beautiful with e sea are yellow but I to love the view of the subtle golds of a wheat field

I hope your week is going well

Nice shot from the past :D

...a litteral golden harvest @oldtimer😊

This is a place i would love to be.. thanks!


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Very nice photography!
How I will enter this contest,mate?


The colour on that wheat field is so uniform. I love it :D

@oldtimer you won the contest ?

Is that alfalfa next to the wheat? I cant quite make it out... Sure love the smell of freshly mowed hay!

beautiful view
all just become possible due to hard work

it is a nice place where you live .. great photos you have taken over there

awesome photo!

So beautiful!

so nice

Such a beautiful photo, it reminds me of my native land, Ukraine is rich with wheat fields) Thank you for your support, I wish you a great day)

just extraordinary clicks.
I am amazed.
you are invited to my blog.
I will be glad to see your react there.
I also love photography. but I am not professional. hobby only.
inspire me please.

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thanks for voting my post. That helps me a lots.

I love seeing the vast expanses of wheat fields waving in the breeze. Beautiful photo.

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