Dachstein Mountains of Styria in Austria

Dachstein 3 Upload.jpg

I shot the image on a Rolleiflex 2.8 F/80mm with Kodak Portra 400 120 Film.
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Far above the world
#Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do

David Bowie


Oh cool, nice work! How did you shoot it, by climbing the mountain, or by flying up there in some aero vehicle?

i m agree with @mus i can't imagine that about this shooting anyways its phenomenal.

Now that is something so see and makes you happy :)


what a beautiful capture.

Sehr schöne Fotos, ich komme ja aus NÖ und bin jedes Jahr min. 1 mal am Dachstein Klettern. Daumen hoch, Traumhaftes Foto

Danke für deinen netten Kommentar. Es war einfach wunderschön...

Can only describe this pic with one word: MAJESTIC!

Wow i like it

Wow! That’s a fantastic image and wonderful camera!

Yes the Rolleiflex is a wonderful tool. Thx for commenting

wow wunderschöne Aufnahme :)
da bekomme ich gleich Lust auf eine Wanderung ;)

Danke Dir. Sicherlich eines der schönsten in der Steiermark :)

I have always loved the blue colour as it relaxes my eyes.. thanks for sharing!

yes blue is my fav colour. thx for commenting on my work!

wow amazing view and you can tell straight away you shoot on film the tones are just so nice

Yes film is always true. Thx for commenting on my work much appreciated.

Your photos are beautiful. This motivates me to post some of my own photos to my blog! I'm now a follower!

happy to hear that. have fun here!

Wow that is a stunning photo how did you get it?!?

I am happy you enjoy it :)

Of course! Keep it up

Gorgeous! This is a special view of the mountain range most people don't see.

Very special indeed. Thx for commenting!

thx my friend

You're welcome.

Ah, this makes me want to bust out my Rolli! Beautiful tones, nothing like medium format to give you that detail.

Yes the details are just amazing with medium format. Get your Rollei and go shooting :)
Thank you for the comment.

Wow it’s amazingly amazing great photo @nikokafka

thank for the comment. much appreciated!

Keep these nice photos up 👍🏼

eally a very beautiful sight, thank you for sharing your experience

I wonder how high these mountains are. The sky is so blue!

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Amazing photo! Are you fly to make it?

Thx for the reply.

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Thank You! ⚜

wow that a fantastic click love it

thx for viewing :)

very good! Is that your picture?

yes as written in the description. thx for commenting

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Simply, Amazing!
I love your pic.

Hermano Hermosa Fotografia . la tomastes tu ? Eres muy bueno si lo has echo . espero mires las mias y te gusten , me gustaria tener amistad contigo

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Der Dachstein bietet sich wirklich als gutes Fotomotiv an ;)

looks like you could get lost in that mist.

Beautiful land

Hello, dear friend! Keep up the good work! I am truly grateful to you for visiting my page. I hope for our further cooperation and friendship. Good luck! Wishing you the best of success. @princesaleem

Looking wonderful. I wish I could go there.

Thx for the comment. You could, just go to Dachstein in Austria :)

Very nice shot !!

a stunning sight for anyone who sees it

Increíble, que buena imagen. ¿como conseguiste esta imagen?

Grossartig das Dachsteinmassiv wieder Zeit hinzufahren und den Dachstein zu bewundern .Ausserdem gibt es guten Schilcher in der Steiermark und Steirisches Kürbiskernöl. Super Sache Schönes Bild.

"Better mountains can only be mountains that you have not visited..." Beauty is not terrestrial...

You should really do this for a living man!

this photograph is so breath taking, i do love, the ambience, surroundings and the free spirit of this mountain, nice photography @nikokafka.

thx for your thoughts

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It almost looks like your in a helicopter or something

A fine portrayal of rocky skin is beautiful well appearing, and the blue sky makes it compact well.

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Bowie is cool...........can anyone help me...i am new here ..need support !!
Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills
And put your helmet on

Nice capture, very nice conditions with the clouds surrounding the peak. Well done!

What a beautiful picture, it looks like gold. Too high for me though so I probably never get to see it in real life. I think my grandmother did she was from Austria.

Beautiful - I love it!

In nature, everything is wisely thought out and arranged, everyone should do his own thing, and in this wisdom - the highest justice of life. I liked your post.

Very nicely captured!!
Following you. :)

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