Bridge over the River Kwai

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It is, honestly. Not quite the original one, as that one fell down after being bombed but the arched sections are original, the newer trapezoid sections donated by the Japanese after the war as part of their 'compensation'

This is a 'teaser' as I'm going to write a full travelogue later....yes, I know, you're all peeing your pants in excitement but seriously, it's a really interesting place with an air of sadness and poignancy about it.

So watch out for the upcoming article and until then, a little 'interesting fact'

The movie, based on the novel, based on the historical event was actually filmed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon as it was then). You'll be able to sleep now won't you ?!

OK, altogether now, let's whistle the theme to the movie in perfect unison :-)

@juliank #landscapephotography

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I'll look forward to this. I went to visit the historic dockyard at Chatham recently and there was a covered slipway filled with interesting vehicles including a bridge carrier. The bridge looked a bit like one of those trapezoid sections and was carried aloft on a long set of arms and placed over any gap or damaged bridge to enable tanks to cross. (But I expect you know all about these already).


Lol...get off the PC and get some holidaying done!
Ive never been to Chatam, but friends tell me how interesting it is. If I'm honest, its not really my thing but I went to Kanchanaburi because a friend has a relative buried there and I went to find him. It was a strange place, mix of partytown for backpackers and novelty theme park but with this real (for anyone with any knowledge of,or connection to the history) contradictory sense of sadness and pride......
I'll try and post it tomorrow. Im due a long form sensible post although after my really sensible post about autism organically drew 0.14 whereas a pic of a random pig with big balls organically made 0.42, Im not sure its always worth the effort lol


I always appreciate them, even I don't comment. I laughed at myself when you posted the one about the planes because I thought, "oh good, I'll make a coffee and sit down and enjoy this" I knew it would be good because your posts are, but I was laughing because I didn't know I was even interested in planes. I guess it's a bit like you've said about needleworkmonday - we're introduced to new worlds.


Actually, I'm not sure I saw the random pig one ...

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I had no idea any part of that bridge was still in use! pretty cool that there are still original sections at all...