LandscapePhotography - Last Sunset of the Holiday

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LandscapePhotography - Last Sunset of the holiday

2018-08-24 11.46.10 1.jpg

Sony a7R + Carl Zeiss Biotar 75mm F1.5 // 75mm ~ f3.2 ~ 1/1250s ~ ISO50

As you all know i like street photography too much and it is my passion and also a meditation for me. In street photography everything happens suddenly...A boy runs,a girl smiles,cats fight,dog barks...When you start to have to listen the street and feel the blood which is flowing in the veins of the city. If you are a street photographer you need three things : Good light , patience and luck. Now you can say you have a good equipment so you could take some good pictures .No my friends it is a wrong way to think about photography.

Camera is only a tool,It is the human being who takes the picture.

Today i want to write about patience and more practice. As you see i took a wonderful landscape picture but it was not taken first time...i need to wait for this result...Anyway yesterday while walking with my wife on the beach my wife said what a wonderful sunset so I decided to take a picture but I don't want an ordinary one, so i took the picture like this after then i sent the picture my phone and edited in VSCO app.In original picture there is no noise i added the noise to give some grunge and 35mm film effect...

If you are a street photographer you need three things : Good light , patience and luck.But if you are a Landscape photographer you also need more practice beside these three things that I have just mentioned.

After a few tries i found the good angle and the composition that I want and then took the picture.So if you are a Landscape photographer you also need to make more practice on your subject for the best results on your pictures.

All photos and drawings are belongs to me and for sale in HQ digital format for Steem/SBD, please contact if interested at discord @mnallica

CameraSony a7R

Hi, i am Mustafa...I hope you enjoy my works my Steemian friends and if you like please resteem and upvote my works to support me...!!

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Gorgeous shot so beautiful and almost magical

The light and the curve of that little wave is so brillant. Well done, and the colour!

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Patience and practice do wonders to improve a person's skill!

One of the best shot I have ever seen of golden Hour Photography. Best whishes to you.

... and you did very well. This is a great shot, I do like it very much.
This is the last Sunset of my last Holiday:
2018-08-17 2 IMG_1448a.JPG

Breathtaking photography! @mnallica

This just caught my eye from the start, just very beautiful and makes me wish I was sitting in that spot watching that sunset kicking back with some friends and family laughing at dumb jokes making great memories!

Wow! You captured it perfectly! Resteeming!


Thank you my dear friend !...Have a nice day...

Beautiful work! :-)

Magical! 👍😊

Wow ... awesome photography

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