My Birthday Weekend in Hallstatt, Austria

This has to be one of my most amazing weekends, in the Austrian Alps celebrating my birthday! Yes, this was cold as it was a January weekend last year. Hallstatt (also known as “the Pearl of Austria") must be one of the most beautiful villages on this planet. The scenery is just stunning and the little village at the side of the's picture perfect. Even a stormy or rainy day cannot spoil the looks as it looks so dramatically different than with blue skies (we have experienced both during our stay). You can visit the nearby salt mine for some extra sights. During summer it can get very touristy so try to go a bit off season for the best experience. Enjoy the stunning scenery!

All photography is original and mine

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Happy birthday to you friend.Seems that you had enjoyed a great weekend.Thanks for sharing your moments.

beautiful place


It surely is! Are you intending to visit it some day? :)



Those mountains are breathtaking!

What a beautiful place!
Excellent pictures dude.


Thanks mate!

It's good to read what people say in the body of the article as those reading only the subject would say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D Beautiful scenery! It looks a bit like in Switzerland! Great pictures Martin!


Haha so right! It may be a little test to gauge involvement of my followers... ;-)

Very nice photos. Thank you for shering.


Thank you!

Great capture! Every one of them is awesome! Look's really cold though haha I just got through a long cold winter myself! Great job on these images @martinphoto! Upped and followed!

Ohhh so beautiful place.

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Kasihan nanti 🏇 kudanya kedinginan😨😰😁

Tapi ngomong ngomong saya sangat menyukai photo yang anda post, itu musim salju yang sangat indah dan menyejukkan mata ini saat melihatnya, makasih atas post anda👍

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Thanks again! :)