Martin's TravelAwesome Photo Series #9 - Iceland and its Striking White Glaciers, Green Fields and Black Sand

You can't find many countries where you can visit glaciers and thermal springs on a single day... One of the world's happiest countries, Iceland, is however one of them! Fire and Ice come together in this country, that is home to some amazing natural surroundings: from ice caves to gigantic volcanoes, from thermal baths to landscapes where astronauts could practice in near-perfect conditions (and, in fact, have once trained!).

One of those typical Icelandic roads near Lómagnúpur.

Iceland has been moving out of the shadows and into the spotlight to show the entire world what it has been missing all these years. It is convincing and uncompromising. Iceland is here to stay!

All photography is original and mine

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Absolute Diversity of Landscapes

From one of the main tourist sites (and very busy), The Blue Lagoon, where you can soak in nutrient-rich water, to the waterfalls of Hraunfossar in the west, to the white glaciers and green fields of Skaftafell in the southeast, and the beautiful coastlines of Skagafjörður in the north, this island has so much to offer!

First, some interesting - and, random - facts I heard when I was traveling through Iceland.

Did you know that...

  • Iceland is warmer than most European continental cities in winter with an average temperature around 0 degrees celcius?
  • On average, there is a volcanic eruption every four years?
  • The majority of houses in Iceland are heated by geothermal water?
  • Iceland is one of only 2 places in the world where you can see two tectonic plates meet above the surface of the earth; the other one being in Africa?
  • The majority of people in Iceland today believe in elves and trolls / fantasy beings - oh boy, people of Iceland: if this is not true, please correct me! ;-)
  • ... I had to look up nearly all the Icelandic names while writing this article - incredibly hard to write!

Now, take a stroll with me! =D

Gullfoss Waterfall


Red soil, green lake at Kerið Crater


Took some panoramas to show how diverse the landscapes are, really. Mesmerizing.


Beautiful waterfalls, everywhere!

This is the largest sandur (= basically plains formed by meltwater from glaciers) in the world, with views of the huge SkeidararJokull-glacier. Photo taken at Skeiðarársandur.

17883723_10154754724048089_2335764454182581421_n.jpgThe famous church in Vik, South Iceland.

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sick places

Great! Some amazingly gorgeous captures, wonderful landscapes shot so well. I can feel the depth in the photographs & definitely there are some places, where I would like to visit and experience it all!

Amazing photo


I think so too . 😊😊

Great shots, I'd like to swim there. :D


Are you not frightened even one bit about the surrounding mountains ?

What if they cave in 😂😂


Nah, I'm a real men! :D

Thanks to Sigur Ros and their movie, Heima, Iceland is always be my travel destination dreams. I'm still saving money to travel there.

I also hear about Runtur (may be i spell it wrong), seems like a very fun things to do.


Love Sigur Ros as well! People in Iceland are really relaxed.


Aaahh,, i really want to relax, having a hot tub, drink beer, and see Aurora..


I saw Heima, too, and loved it. I wear a little piece of Iceland every day (a bracelet with beads of black volcanic rock).

These photos are beautiful! My favorite is the Kerið Crater!

wow.. Great pictures and great destinations! Thanx for that.

Worderful photography, amazing landscape

Hi @martinphoto, I love your photo-story a lot. Seems you have done the golden circle tour right? I have been to Iceland in July last year. I have seen many of those places myself during my visit. Has been an awesome experience. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see the SkeidararJokull-glacier because we went to Sneafellsness and then to West Iceland.

Dear @martinphoto your photos are incredibly beautiful. I personally love the one of the Gulfoss Waterfall the most. Nature is always beautiful and surprisingly epic in its many different ways, i look forward to see more of your pictures. I myself will probably not go to Iceland because it is too cold for me up there, even though i will probably never see the northern lights with my own eyes, which makes me already think maybe i should visit this unique country anyways. Hopefully i will be harder with age,haha. Greetings

Thank you for this wonderful photo journey!
there are very beautiful places.

I resteemed your nice post

First of all, thank you. I saw all your pictures. Beautifully taken. I also photographed a small photographer. Then your pictures are awesome. You will follow us. And future pictures can give us a better picture

beautiful country with beautiful landscape, wanna go there one of this fine days

Wow... Edges perfect... Temperature so good... Sweet work....

beautiful photography. sweet country. nice camera result. good working dear.

Beautiful post. Again.

Thanks for sharing @martinphoto

Lovely landscapes and views, plus thank you so much for sharing those amazing facts!

You should see the landscapes in Venezuela, I could do a publication with more here, this is a geography in Venezuela


Amazing mate! Would love to visit your country. So sad you're going through a rough time... How are you doing?


If it is worth venezuela is a beautiful country and despite the bad political systems, this alternative to help economically, this platform, sac fontos to continue doing social and ecological work, but should take into account the beautiful geography of this country , when you better you could arrive and improve your economy we give you temporary stay greetings

Wow , i love that awesome

Amazing photos @martinphoto! Really enjoyed them. I spent some time in Keflavik and was amazed at how the aurora borealis looks the same in Iceland as it does in my hometown in Alaska!

Great post! Thank you!

Wow Now I know I need a little more so that my photographs look the same. :(

Incredible water and fire in one place! Definitely, Iceland is an extraordinary place to take landscape photographs. It is particularly interesting, that church between the mountains.


Beautiful photos. I'm wondering you have vertical photos. I think they look better. :)

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Que bella tu publicación, me encantaría conocer Islandia, esta algo difícil para mi que vivo en Venezuela y la terrible crisis que tenemos, pero gracias a personas como tu podemos conocer y ver las maravillas del mundo aunque solo sea en fotos. Tu publicación, trajo a mi memoria un recuerdo y este fue cuando leí Viaje al centro de la Tierra de Julio Verne, donde señala que la entrada al centro de la tierra esta en Islandia, en el volcán Sneffels .

nice photo !!!

oh really awesome


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Thank You! ⚜

Interesting photos
You are awesome photographer
I'll keep on following you here

All of these spectacular! Iceland is so high on my bucketlist, glad you enjoyed yourself!

Nice shot and travel!

Wow nice pictures man and so informative. Cant believe iceland is more warmer than to most European countries.

Que maravillosas fotografías, increible

Cool Photos Bro you should check out some of mine. Thanks peace

Landscape in view.
Real awesome shot.

What camera was used sorry?

The most important thing for us is to always be learning, push the boundaries, and to find something new and different with each shoot.

incredible photography!

Good :) Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful! Iceland looks magical.

Love this! Iceland has always been in my top 5 for places I want to travel to. Definitely going to follow you adventure for ideas and information. The photos are unreal.

Great pics!


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Thank You! ⚜

what wonderful, incredible landscapes are undoubtedly the benefits of nature. What a reward and blessing of country, I hope to have the joy of seeing such beautiful spaces visually and spatially.

its amazing place...

Hey there. I have a client who is doing an ICO in the photography niche and is looking for Influencers. Does that sound like something you'd like to get involved in? If so, let me know. You can get me on Discord @yallapapi#1970


@martinphoto you ever thought about using a 360 camera instead of making panorama pictures?
I Just started with them a week ago

Great photos, been there myself in March. It's crazy how different everything looks when it's a little warmer: Let me know what you think


Iceland is one of my top targets to travel during the next year! Best wishes from Germany. Might wanna check out my travel posts about Porto!


Nice photos, now it makes me want to visit! @martinphoto

Nice photo :)

We're really enjoying this series, thank you for sharing! We've been talking for 2 years now of a great camper van excursion through Iceland w/ our little boy- waiting until he's a bit older for the never ending hiking there but just wow! These pictures are incredible!!

very nice place to visit

Iceland is definitely on the top of my bucket list!
And perhaps the best time to come is Spring and Summer.
Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to come this year, but thanks for amazing photos that will push me to decide to go there ASAP!
Great job, Martin! :)

Awesome photos.

Super danke schön 💗

So many beautiful places in little island!

Amazing photos :)

que maravilla exelente bro espectaculares citios.