🌥 Magnificent event occurred, 🌤 on the other side of the storm 🌩

in landscapephotography •  6 months ago

"Quick story"

Crepuscular rays or God's Rays
Such moments are priceless. It's not everyday, that you see such view. In my season of storm chasing, I got lucky a couple of times and capture some amazing moment of sun rays. This is just one of them...

"Don't miss a second"
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1
Set: F5.1 / shutter 1/400/ Iso 250

As you can see the sky full of stormy clouds, but some sun rays have found a way through. Just magical. 😍

Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 15-50mm
Set: F4.5 / shutter 1/400/ Iso 450

I hope you enjoy the photo and if you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow me👍
Till next time...

Yours truly, @marjanko


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Wow, that's awesome!

it is Wonder ful

woohoo what great shots, thank you for sharing true loveliness and yes He is real and you are so blessed to have received such a special confirmation message.

eagle spirit


@eaglespirit Thank you, Yes I appreciate this moment so much. It was truly magical,but only just for a moment...but i will cherish this forever ❤️


i'm sure you will and thank you again for sharing. very exhilarating :)

love the sky and wonderful clouds, beautiful colors and nice timing friend marjanko


Thanks @ykdesign ✌️

Precious moments in nature
captured forever in time!

Have to wonder if
higher powers
were trying to communicate
a special message!
Excellent photography!


@ninahaskin Thank you, love that you like my photos and the work I do. I think it was demonstration / life tip... No matter how dark is it, the light will find a way through!😊


That is an excellent interpretation! @marjanko
After the storms, the light always shine through!


Truly magical @Marjanko.
It is astounding


Thank you @abbiephoto 🤗

@marjanko fabulous shots here my friend. I also somewhere have some shots of Linear Crepuscular rays! Indeed God's Rays! Blessings!


@papiloncharity Thank you. Yes I have seen it. Just amazing 🤗

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