A Skyful of Blue … Koh Lanta, Thailand – Landscape Photography

I came upon this tranquil scene while exploring the west coast of Koh Lanta island, in southern Thailand.  

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From flophouse to palace

In my ongoing search for the ideal resort, I checked out a wide range of inns along this stretch of coast – from very basic and casual backpacker-friendly flophouses to palatial 5-star hotels. But neither of those types are quite to my liking. 

A skyful of blue

As I approached this little resort, I slowed down and peered in the gate, and saw pretty much the same scene you see in the photo. A bit of greenery, a sandy patio, a bold stripe of marine blue, and an overarching skyful of blue. I stopped, parked my scooter, walked inside, and looked around. 

This shot, taken from just inside the gate, captures the tranquil environment of the place. Just the kind of peaceful retreat where I'd love to stay.

I ended up staying at a resort further down the coast, but this one’s high on my list if I ever return to the blissful isle of Koh Lanta.
Location – Koh Lanta, Thailand, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Landscape Photography contest.

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its a sunny day

Very nice photo.


Thanks. Glad you like it.

A very beautiful place. The abundance of blue color makes the photo calm. This place asks to pause and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Очень красивое место. Изобилие голубого цвета делает фото спокойным. Это место так и просит сделать паузу и насладится окружающей красотой.

Oh my God! How blue can a sky be???? Wonderful!


Thanks. I sure did not "feel blue" when seeing skies of this color during my stay there.

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This is really beautiful

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Sky in the photo is so clear and the color of it is so vibrant that one can assume it a photoshoped image. Very rarely we see such a clear scenery.

Very Beautiful


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A new picture really well published Dear
You are a professional photographer

Sometimes white, sometimes grey,
You are limitless, you are boundless,
Sometimes blue, sometimes crimson,
You are ceaseless, you are endless,

The place looks amazing the blue sky embraces the nature

Nice photography SIR.
Everything is blue.

That's an amazing view, you are lucky enough to witness it!

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Wao Very wonderful photography.Sky looks so amazing,Tres looks so beautiful.such a fabulous view,thanks for sharing,have a lovely day,

This place look great. And i hope you take time to enjoy ypur explore there. The pictures look beautiful

Very nice photo clicked Beautiful sea beneath the blue sky The country is very beautiful. This kind of pick is good for everyone. It's really nice. Thank you very much for sharing the post among us

Nice photography 💓

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As if you'r in the middle of sea, beautiful place.

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a very nice place ... have a nice day 🌞🌿🌸🦋

Es demasiado hermoso

Amazing photo

There are a bridge in our city. believe me i go there only for looking sky.
Actually i am really nature lover, and this one for you brother! . you post was really cool.20180718_183418.jpg


Your photo is rotated about 90 degrees. Did you do that intentionally???


Unfortunately it happens when you upload photos taken by phone on to steemit. It can be solved by editing the photo or re-uploading it from another site.


which site brother @jollyapeheinheaven


i made a post about this :) check my feed.


no brother i did not. when i upload it . it becomes rotate

Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky...

Love the sky color 😊

@majes.tytyty nice click and post too. If i plan my holiday to visit here then which places are best to visit ???

Beautiful scene....

Wow, very nice photograph. Blue sky looking so awesome.Green Field Blue Sea blue sky is all beautiful.

nice picture...

Vegetación, arena y un cielo azul.
Interesante combinación para disfrutar de una vista preciosa

Like it nice post thanks to share

Bonito ese lugar

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Fantastic blue !
Thank you for sharing another photo from Thailand ..

I want to visit Thailand. I'll definitely book a trip there soon!


I want to visit
Thailand. I'll definitely
Book a trip there soon!

                 - vissaius

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Muy buena tu foto, ¿el lugar es un malecón o un resort ? Porque el entorno se ve espectacular.

It looks beautiful, I would like to spend a weekend there and relax.

This reminds me of the last time I traveled by plane, it was for Aruba, an amazing and beautiful place. No one was bad, everyone was very respectful and kind, as it should be. I hope to travel there some day ... Greetings from Venezuela :)

no words for describe that heaven... Just WOWWW

Amazing photography @majes.tytyty wow simply wonderful place 👏👏👏

Perfect picture of calmness and beauty

Looks like heaven on earth. Really a place which makes you forget all the problems of life and just hold and relax ...... blue color make the place calm and peaceful

Wow, you have done a good job for being able to capture this