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Dear Steemit friends!

So this 'll be my second entry to #SteemitPhotoChallenge. And I'm very happy beacuse first was awesome I was awarded in animal photograhy contest. :P

I use #Nikon D3200 with different lenses - Nikkor 18-105 and Nikkor 50 f/1.8G. These 3 photos were made in #Dolomites - #Italy.

Entry #1: Lago di Landro
On our way from Dobbiaco / Toblach to Cortina d' Ampezzo we stopped at this beautiful lake.
Settings: f/13 - 1/250 - ISO100 - 32mm


Entry #2: Dolomites
A beautiful view in Dobbiaco / Toblach at Dolomites.
Settings: f/5 - 1/250 - ISO100 - 18mm


**Entry #3: Dolomites from Lago di Dobbiaco **
Another great view at Dolomites from Lago di Dobbiaco / Toblacher See.
Settings: f/5 - 1/1000 - ISO100 - 18mm


Have a nice day everbody ;)

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Thank you, but I need more than luck to make me happy.


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wow! great post i like this


Thank you :)

love the first one its so vibrant